Residential HVAC Services: Bath, MI

As with most of Michigan, Bath experiences quite the climate throughout the year. Bath homeowners are often subject to significant snowfall, high precipitation, and warm & humid summers. To get through these changing seasons, homes need quality and efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation. For any homeowner, comfort within the home is essential. And without the proper residential HVAC services, you could be spending more on heating and cooling costs when you could be saving and optimizing your comfort.

Fortunately for Bath, MI homeowners, and numerous mid-Michigan cities, Applegate Home Comfort provides residential HVAC services to keep the inside of your home adequately cooled and heated when you need it most. Within heating and cooling, there’s quite a bit to consider. However, with the help of Applegate, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort with ease. For a better understanding of our work, take a moment to familiarize yourself with everything involved in residential HVAC services.

Bath Residential HVAC: Home Heating

As a Bath homeowner, we’re sure you’re no stranger to the freezing temps and high snowfall the region receives come winter time. With abundant snowfall and frigid temperatures, keeping your home heated can quickly run up energy costs. However, Applegate offers quality furnaces and heating systems to ensure comfort all winter long. We do so by offering the following home heating services:

  • Furnaces: We offer both electric and gas furnaces, and both utilize ducts throughout the home to circulate heated air. Furnaces are the most popular form of home heating.
  • Heat Pumps: Built underground and outside the home, heat pumps sometimes use the outside air as a heat source, but most often utilize an electrical system to pump heat into the home.
  • Hybrid Heating Systems: A combination of a furnace and heat pump, hybrid heating systems provide optimal energy efficiency.

In addition to your quality home heating systems and services, Applegate offers air conditioning services as well. As with our heating, we offer emergency air conditioning service, but it’s our AC units themselves that really make our services worthwhile.

Home Air Conditioning for Bath Homeowners

The winters in Bath aren’t the only thing you need to worry about in terms of ensuring home comfort. Midwest summers are infamously hot and humid, and that includes Bath, MI! With this, you need an effective AC unit that will not only keep your home cooled, but also reduce energy costs. Fortunately, our home air conditioning service is top notch.

At Applegate, we offer central air conditioning, which utilizes a system of supply and return ducts to circulate cool air through the home. Our high-efficiency air conditioners feature optimal Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) to keep your home cooled while reducing the costs of such. Overall, in choosing Applegate as your residential HVAC service provider in Bath, you can rest assured knowing your home will be comfortable and energy efficient.

Need HVAC Services? See Our Testimonials

If you’re considering a new provider for your HVAC services and need help choosing, just take a look at our customer testimonials! We strive to go above and beyond in customer service and these reviews prove it! Take a look below:

I have used Applegate for many years. They have always been first class. Always arrive on time.  Work has been excellent. They make many helpful suggestions for improvements and upgrades (they’re in business you know!) but have never been pushy. Corey, their technician, has been here many times and is just outstanding. I highly recommend them. – Norm C.

Excellent service! These guys exceeded our expectations! When our furnace kicked the bucket, their team gave us the most reasonable price with the best warranty and maintenance plan. They even knew about rebate opportunities that we weren’t aware of. They filled out the paperwork and submitted it for us. The work was done in a timely manner. All staff that we encountered were courteous, friendly, helpful and caring. It was a pleasure dealing with them. Our new furnace is working great. Even though this is not something we wanted to do, Applegate made it a pleasant experience. 5 star service! Thanks and we highly recommend Applegate to anyone looking for a furnace or HVAC needs. – Chanelle C.

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