What to Know About Home Insulation Costs

What to Know About Home Insulation Costs

Where do you turn when you need to replace your home’s insulation? Do you know the costs associated with replacing or installing new insulation? Applegate Home Comfort is the leading home insulation provider in Michigan.

With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, we have earned the trust of our Michigan communities. We strive to provide excellent customer service backed by world class products. Here is a little more about home insulation costs in Michigan.

How Much Does it Cost to Insulate a Michigan Home?

Insulation is defined as a barrier between two areas designed specifically to reduce heat loss or gain. We recommend insulating the entire home for: increased energy savings, a cooler home in the summer months and a warmer home in the winter months. We generally see an average of 80% energy savings with whole house insulation. The average 2,000 square foot home costs between $2,000-$6,000 depending on your choice of insulation and area of the country.

Prices for Insulation in Michigan

Heating your Michigan home is critical in the cold winter months. With temperatures in the single digits and below, insulation will keep your family warm and dry all winter, AND save you money. Here are the most common types of insulation and the associated costs:

  • Fiberglass (Costs Between $0.12-$0.60/sq ft): This is one of the more inexpensive and easy ways to insulate your home, especially when the walls are open. Fiberglass insulation has an R-Value of R3 per inch and can resist moisture damage. If fiberglass comes in contact with the skin, it can cause irritation.
  • Spray Foam (Costs Between $0.44-$1.20/sq ft): There are 2 types of spray foam insulation: open and closed cell. Open cell creates air bubbles and pockets that don’t fully close. The air pockets slow down the heat flow but can also allow for water leakage. Closed cell insulation is when air bubbles are closed, making the material more dense. This is more effective in preventing heat loss and water leakage.
  • Cellulose (Costs Between $0.25-$1.45/sq ft): This is our insulation of choice at Applegate. Made of recycled paper, cellulose is an environmentally friendly blown or poured in material. Treated with chemicals, the recycled paper is pest and water resistant and very effective at slowing heat flow. This type of material should be replaced every 5 years.
  • Mineral Wool (Costs Between $0.12-$0.60/sq ft): Similar to fiberglass without the skin irritation, mineral wool is the more expensive alternative. The benefit of this insulation is its ability to withstand higher temperatures than other insulation types.

Costs for each type of insulation will vary according to type and R-value. The higher the R-value the more expensive the insulation becomes. Keep in mind, the higher the R-value also means the higher the energy savings. An 80% energy savings usually accompanies an insulation installation.

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Whether you’re remodeling, building or just replacing old material, your home’s insulation is vital to keeping you warm and dry through the cold winter months. Since 1952, Applegate has been the leading provider of insulation services in the greater Michigan area. We offer obligation free insulation inspections if you are unsure of your need. To schedule your appointment call 517-337-7700 or fill out this online form.