Checking Your Insulation

Checking Your Insulation

Did you know that 55% of a home’s heat escapes due to inadequate insulation and that 90% of US homes are under-insulated? This is a huge number of homes that are left vulnerable to the harsh winter weather in Michigan. How do you ensure YOUR home is not one of the 90%? Our Applegate experts have put together some tips for checking the insulation level in your home.

***IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION*** Watch out for any nails coming up through the ceiling or down through the roof. Walk only on truss chords and joists, not on exposed drywall.

3 Step: Wall Insulation Check

Checking outside wall insulation levels is done through an electrical outlet. For this test, ALWAYS TURN OFF POWER TO THE OUTLET before you begin. Use a voltmeter to ensure power is off, then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the outlet cover and shine a flashlight into the crack around the outlet box. You should be able to see if there is insulation in the wall and possibly how thick it is.
  2. Pull out a small amount of insulation to determine its type.
  3. Check outlets on all floors, as well as old and new parts of your home. Just because you find insulation in one wall doesn’t mean that it’s everywhere in your home.

We recommend every exterior wall have insulation and be fully filled. You pay to heat your home, don’t you want to retain as much of that heat as possible? If you notice: cold walls, drafts, higher energy bills, bugs/mice or cold floors you may need additional insulation. If you are uncomfortable checking your insulation levels yourself, don’t hesitate to call us. To schedule your free insulation inspection today call 517-337-7700 or fill out this online form **

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With the health and safety of your home and loved ones at stake, don’t put off scheduling your free insulation inspection today. Applegate has been serving Michigan communities since 1952. We strive to provide superior service while maintaining affordable prices. To schedule your free insulation inspection today call 517-337-7700 or fill out this online form **