Prevent Freezing Pipes

10 Tips to Prevent Freezing Pipes

As you might know, water tends to expand as it freezes. As long as the water is outside and away from our homes, there’s usually no cause for concern. However, when said water lies within the pipes in your Michigan home, it can be a serious issue. Considering the constant freezing temperatures throughout our midwest winters, freezing pipes are a common occurrence here in Michigan. When pipes do freeze, the damages to follow can be detrimental, as a burst pipe could result in water entry within the home, all the while taking place in the freezing winter. Clearly, it’s essential you take the necessary actions to prevent freezing pipes come winter time.

Here at Applegate Home Comfort, we’re well aware of the damages freezing pipes can present to your Michigan home. While we can’t be there when pipes burst and flood occurs within your home, we can surely help prevent freezing pipes through our quality insulation services. However, we’d also like to share the necessary information with our fellow Michigan homeowners so you can stay protected year after year. With this, allow us to share with you the dangers of frozen pipes and how you can prevent such for winters to come.

Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Simply put, freezing pipes around the home can easily lead to flooding. When flooding occurs, both you and your home are put at risk for danger. Any water entry in the home can lead to a weakened structure, mold growth, and possession damage. The compromised structure and mold pose both health and safety risks to those living inside, then you have the damaged possessions. Plus, you’ve got to consider the cleanup after a flood. Keep in mind, if the flood is due to freezing pipes, you’ll be dealing with the resulting damages during winter.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to prevent freezing pipes. With the right information, resources, and the help of a professional, you can keep the pipes around your home from freezing during Michigan’s harsh winters.

How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

While the potential dangers of freezing pipes are definitely concerning, you can prevent such through taking the right action—and we’ll gladly help. No matter your preventive actions, you should always monitor the vulnerable pipes within your home, that is, those with little insulation in the walls of those outside. Nevertheless, take a look below for a list of tips to prevent freezing pipes:

  • Keep the temperature within your home around 68 degrees throughout winter. It may not save on energy costs, but it could prevent costly damages.
  • Note the location of the main water valve in your home so you know where to go when emergencies arise. This isn’t necessarily preventive, but it will help.
  • Open cabinet doors below any sinks regularly to allow warm air to pass through.
  • Keep windows near water pipes closed at all times.
  • Ensure any pipes close to exterior walls are wrapped with an insulating material (heating tape).
  • Keep your basement heated.
  • When planning to be away from home for an extended time, it’s a good idea to shut off the water supply to the washing machine.
  • Drain water from any pool or sprinkler supply lines.
  • Drain and remove outside hoses and close the supply valves for such.
  • Ensure your home is properly insulated, including the walls, basement, and attic ceiling.

Prevent Frozen Pipes with Applegate Home Comfort!

While there’s plenty you can do on your own to prevent freezing pipes in and around your Michigan home, you should also ensure your home is properly insulated. Not only will it increase comfort and save on heating costs in the winter, it’ll also pay off in the warm summer months by keeping the cool air inside. The experts at Applegate are well versed in home insulation, so we can ensure you reach optimal comfort year-round.

If you’re interested in any of our services, feel free to contact us today. You can also give us a call at 517-337-7700.

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