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How to Insulate Your Home for Winter

In general, insulating your home in Michigan is always a good practice. Considering the hot and humid summers, as well as the frigid and snow-filled winters, it’s always a good idea to insulate your home. However, the midwest winters alone are enough reason to insulate your home, and you can even do so temporarily. While complete home insulation from Applegate Home Comfort will keep your Michigan home comfortable year-round, we understand some homeowners aren’t ready for that commitment—or they simply may not need it. Regardless, there are a number of ways to insulate your home for winter and the experts at Applegate will gladly fill you in.

Since our initial start way back in 1952, the experts at Applegate Home Comfort have been ensuring exactly that for Michigan homeowners: home comfort. Through our quality HVAC services, including all things heating and cooling in Lansing, MI, we are dedicated to providing the best in service for our fellow Michigan residents. This, of course, includes informing our valued customers of the importance of home insulation, as well as the many ways you can insulate your home for winter. Having said that, let’s take a look at the beneficial home insulation is—especially for those midwest winters.

Importance of Home Insulation: Avoiding High Heating Bills

Though a lack of insulation will affect your home no matter the season, homeowners typically feel the necessity for insulation come winter time in Michigan. The frigid temperatures and above-average snowfall ultimately result in homeowners cranking up their furnaces, which not only increases energy costs, but also forces the furnace to work harder. In turn, you’ll be paying more to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter, while your furnace will continue to be overworked, adding to the natural wear and tear.

Considering the extra work for your furnace and the higher heating costs, the need to insulate your home for winter should be clear. Even if your home has been insulated in the past, the materials used at the time may not offer the same insulation newer materials do. With this, replacement insulation could be necessary, and Applegate can surely help!

How to Insulate Your Home for Winter

As mentioned, Applegate not only provides solutions to heating and cooling, we also provide superior home insulation. Utilizing cellulose insulation, our experts can come and ensure your home is prepared for winter. Not only that, but we also offer energy-efficient window replacement, using our Envirosealed windows! Between the windows and our effective cellulose insulation, you’ll be set to endure Michigan winters for years to come.

Insulate Your Home with Applegate Home Comfort!

While the choice to insulate your home for winter is completely yours, you’ll save a great deal on energy costs when you insulate your home with Applegate. You can even increase your savings and home comfort by having your windows replaced with us too!

If you’re interested in insulating your home before winter hits, or any time for that matter, be sure to contact us today. You can also give us a call at 517-337-7700.

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