Lansing Home Air Conditioning Service: High Efficiency AC

Air Conditioning Service: High Efficiency AC

If you’re a mid-Michigan resident, you’re probably well aware of the state’s climate. Frigid winters make way for hot and humid summers, which warrant the need for a quality air conditioning unit. When temps rise, Applegate Home Comfort wants to ensure our fellow Michigan residents are adequately prepared, and we are committed to doing so through our home air conditioning service.

Within our AC services, we not only offer installation, but air conditioning repairs as well! Here at Applegate, we utilize high-efficiency air conditioning to keep your home cooled and your energy bills low. To get a better understanding of our home air conditioning service, take a moment to learn more about central AC and how it’ll provide optimal comfort for you and your home throughout Michigan’s warm summers.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

Mid-Michigan cities experience quite the warm and humid summers, making an efficient air conditioning unit essential. In providing that much-needed comfort, Applegate offers high-efficiency, central AC units to Michigan residents with our emergency services. We pride ourselves in keeping our customers comfortable through the warm summer days and letting them know we’ve got their back in all emergency situations.

For any needed emergency air conditioning service, contact us and we will come to your immediate assistance to get you back in your comfort zone.

Selecting a Central AC Unit

When it comes to selecting which type of AC unit is best suited for your home, there are a few things to consider. In regards to energy efficiency, most experts suggest purchasing an AC unit with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of at least SEER-13. A unit’s SEER is based on the cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes.

Additionally, within central air conditioning, there are two types of units: split-system and packaged units. Take a look below to get more information about each type:

  • Split-System: In a split-system air conditioner, the unit outside the house contains the condenser and compressor, while an inside unit houses the evaporator. Because many split-system units also contain the furnace, it’s often the best choice for homes with a furnace, but no AC.
  • Packaged: With a packaged AC, the unit houses the evaporator, condenser and compressor. Quite often, packaged AC units will also house electric or gas furnaces. With this, homeowners don’t need to install an indoor furnace.

Of course, Applegate Home Comfort won’t let you make these decisions alone. To truly find an AC unit that’s most appropriate for your home and needs, an experienced professional is necessary. We possess the skills, knowledge and experience to help you choose the perfect unit, as it’s part of our home air conditioning service!

Applegate: Quality Home Air Conditioning Service

As you can see, many factors need to be taken into consideration when seeking a new air conditioning unit. With Applegate Home Comfort, you can rest assured our experts will help you select an AC unit that best suits the needs of you and your home. If you’re ready to install a high-efficiency air conditioner in your home, be sure to give us a call at 517.337.7700 today or contact us here.