Heating Repairs: Common Problems and Solutions

Heating Repairs: Common Problems and Solutions

Heating systems are complex, utilizing a variety of moving parts to function properly. As heat is produced in the furnace, it takes an extremely dynamic system to move the warm air evenly across a larger space. Heat pumps, ductwork, and even furnaces themselves can break down and threaten an entire heating system. While it requires trained professionals to repair these systems, most, if not all of the complications that arise in heating systems are repairable.

At Applegate Home Comfort, we offer an emergency air conditioner and furnace service in the Lansing area. With our knowledge of home heating systems and our focus on quality service to all of our customers, professional service is just a phone call away. So that you’re better prepared to take care of your heating system, learn more about common heating repairs.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

Mid-Michigan cities experience quite the cold and harsh winters, making an efficient heating unit essential. In providing that much-needed comfort, Applegate offers high-efficiency, heating systems to Michigan residents with our emergency services. We pride ourselves in keeping our customers comfortable through the cold winter nights and letting them know we’ve got their back in all emergency situations.

For any needed emergency heating repair service, contact us and we will come to your immediate assistance to get you back in your comfort zone.

The Importance of Professional Heating Repair

As heating systems are inherently complex, it’s important to seek professional repairs when complications arise. The key to longevity in any heating system is through frequent professional maintenance. Trained technicians can ensure that your heating system is pumping heat evenly and at maximum efficiency.

Attempting repairs to your heating system on your own is less effective than professional help, and in many cases it can lead to greater complications. Not to mention that some aspects of heating systems can be potentially dangerous to the untrained technician. Working on furnaces can be particularly dangerous. Whether it’s electric or gas, it’s extremely important to consult a professional before attempting to make your own furnace repairs. Further, chemicals in many heating systems, like refrigerant, require professional training to be able to handle safely. So it’s always best to call professionals over attempting to fix heating systems on your own.

Common Heating Repairs in Lansing

  • Heat Pumps: The heat pump is incredibly important to the heating system. It is responsible for moving heat from the heat source into the heat sink. A common repair issue with heat pumps are refrigerant leaks. It’s important to call a professional in the event of a leak, as it requires certain expertise to handle refrigerant.
  • Ductwork: A common repair within heating stems from ductwork issues. Over time ductwork is known to develop cracks and holes. Some sections of ductwork can even detach. Ductwork issues can lead to air loss and can negatively affect the quality of air in your heating system.
  • Furnaces: Whether you’re dealing with electric or gas furnaces, the attached blower system is often susceptible to breakdowns. The blower system encompasses a motor, a blade and several other components. All these moving parts can easily lend themselves towards an occasional malfunction.

Seeking Heating Repairs?

If you happen to be in need of heating repairs, feel free to give us a call at 517-337-7700. You can also contact us here.