Howell, Michigan, is home to a vibrant community and is located in a place where you can partake in various activities throughout the year. During the Summer, many people will take to the woods or rivers to camp and make memories with family. They are great places to see the outdoors and get away from the pressures of society. Winter is another fun time to go out and play with friends because of the different scenarios you are placed in.

However, experiencing every season can also create problems for you were you unprepared. For one, your home can be dangerous to stay in were your HVAC to start malfunctioning. Applegate has seen the problems affecting residents of Howell and has taken the steps to ensure you are always comfortable during these strenuous moments.

Problems With the Heat

Howell, Michigan, may not experience the same extreme levels of heat during the summer like places in Florida, but it doesn’t make the sensation any less severe. People who are actually more vulnerable than normal are infants and young children, anyone over the age of 65, those who are overweight and are dealing with some form of illness.

Michigan actually sees five deaths from heat every year, but not all cases involving heat are reported; which can make this number vastly higher than accounted for. This problem can be fixed through regular hydration and a HVAC working properly. Your HVAC is here to ensure your home is at a comfortable level at all times, and this can only be improved by having a programmable thermostat.

Is Your Home Warm Enough?

While coping with the heat is important, the cold is just as vital to protect yourself from. The cold can increase the likelihood of acquiring detrimental diseases, such as pneumonia. Your body needs to maintain a core temperature around 98 degrees and if it happens to go lower than you will slowly start to degrade in quality.

It can be as simple as having a slower response time to situations being presented or as traumatic as having trouble breathing because fluid is in your lungs. Additionally, a check-up on your HVAC will affirm it won’t break during the middle of winter. Professionals will be able to see if any maintenance needs to be done or if you need any new parts. You are welcome to try and attempt this yourself but this can be much more detrimental than anticipated.

Howell’s Best HVAC Repair Shop

There are a list of components making a HVAC, which is why you should turn to someone with the expertise to completely solve the problem without any trouble. Applegate can guarantee you will be satisfied when you work with us. We are on a mission to provide people with affordable rates, while also giving them the care they deserve. Contact us now for any of your HVAC needs or to learn more about the other services we have.