Natural Gas Generator

Natural Gas Generator

A generator is an important tool to have on hand for when you are away from power. In Michigan, power outages are not an uncommon feat, and it is best to be prepared to keep your family comfortable. Many generators run on natural gas to give you enough power to keep your home lit and your refrigerator cooled.

Applegate Home Comfort is dedicated to providing you with the best natural gas generators out there. Generac brand generators are reliable and high quality so you can be sure that it can get you through the next storm. Here’s a look at the types of generators and how they work.

Types of Generators

Generac is the maker of several types of high quality generators. The two main types of generators are portable and standby. A standby generator requires installation in order to power your home, and has much more power than a portable generator. It is hooked up to your home’s natural gas line and will use that energy to create power that is then run into your home’s electrical system. These generators are much more powerful than a portable generator and have the potential to power your entire home over the duration of an outage.

A portable generator can run on natural gas, fuel, propane, or diesel depending on the model. Portable generators can be used in case of emergencies, but can also tag along with you camping and tailgating, and can give you easy power when working away from a power supply.

How to Use Generators

A standby generator is simple to use once the complicated installation process has been complete. Some models can turn themselves on, while others will require the manual flip of a switch to turn on the battery and start the burning of natural gas.

Portable generators do not require any installation, and can be stored in a garage or basement when not in use. To power these up, all you need to do is place it outside of the home, add fuel, and power it up. You will need extension cords to run into your home from the generator to power small appliances and lights. A portable generator does not offer the same power that standby generators do.

Whether you have a portable or standby generator, it will need service and repair. Making sure that your generator is in working condition at all times is a good idea, as you never know when an emergency will strike. Applegate Home Comfort is proud to offer Generac generators and certified Generac repair and maintenance services. We are dedicated to our customers, and want to give them the best that we have to offer.

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