Generators for Home Use

Generators for Home Use

A generator for your home is a backup device to use when the power grid goes out to provide power to your home. They typically run on fuel and can be useful in case of emergencies when the power goes out to keep your refrigerator running and the lights on.

Applegate Home Comfort is dedicated to providing you with the best quality service to keep your family comfortable all year long. Because we are so dedicated to keeping you comfortable, in addition to our quality HVAC services, we offer generators to keep things moving when the power goes out in emergencies.

Michigan Weather

Emergency risks for the state of Michigan can come from extreme heat or cold, heavy storms, tornadoes, wildfires and even floods. Michigan is at risk for many natural disasters that could prevent its residents from leaving their homes.

Heavy storms can easily knock out power lines and potentially take days to get them running again. Preparing a supply of three days of food and water for each family member and keeping a generator on hand along with an adequate fuel supply is a good way to make sure that your family stays safe during emergencies.

Uses of Generators in the Home

When the power goes out, there is nothing in your home that relies on a plug that will function. Luckily, when you have a generator, it is easy to power the essentials of your home with a few gallons of fuel. Depending on the generator you have, it should easily be able to power at least your refrigerator and your lighting at night.

There are several types of portable and permanent generators.. Portable generators can be used to power your home during an emergency or brought with you to give you power while camping, tailgating, or even working away from a power supply. You can also install a standby generator for your home that is connected to a gas line that will provide your entire home with power while electricity is out. These generators are not portable and can be much more costly than portable generators.

How to Use a Generator

A standby home generator should be installed so that it can easily transition to powering your home. If you are using a portable generator, all you have to do is wheel it outside, add fuel, and use extension cords to give your home limited power that can be used for a refrigerator, heater, lamps, and cell phones to stay updated.

When you purchase a generator, pay attention to the power capacity to make sure that it will give you the power that you require. Regularly monitor your generator while in use, and keep it regularly maintained when not in use.

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