Generac Companies

Generac Companies

Generac generators are well known for their quality and reliability through the times where power is unavailable elsewhere. Here in Michigan, a generator is necessary to have when bad weather strikes, a pretty common occurrence. Tornadoes, heavy winter storms, thunderstorms, floods, and even wildfires increase the likelihood that the power will go out.

Instead of going without power, get a Generac generator from Applegate Home Comfort. We’ve been in the business since 1952, and have been proudly serving the people of Michigan since. We are dedicated to keeping your family comfortable, and that includes when the power goes out. Here’s an overview of Generac generators and how to get started with Applegate Home Comfort today.

Types of Generac Generators

Generac is a large brand with a large variety of products, and you are sure to find something that fits your family and your lifestyle. There are two types of generators: standby and portable. A standby generator is installed in your yard or another area away from the home. It uses gas from your home’s gas line to create power capable of running appliances, lights, and more. A standby generator is complicated to install, but if done properly, the next time the power goes out it should be a breeze to once again give your home power.

Portable generators are not as convenient, although there is no installation required. A portable generator can be stored inside the home with several gallons of fuel for power. When the power goes out, simply wheel it outside, fill it with fuel, and turn it on. Extension cords will be needed to give small amounts of power to the essentials of your home. Portable generators can also be used outside of the home for camping, tailgating or working away from a power supply. They can be very useful for those that need power on the go.

How much power a generator can generate, and how efficiently it will generate that power depends on the product. The type of generator and power capacity that you will want from your generator will depend on your individual anticipated needs and budget.

Applegate Home Comfort

Applegate Home Comfort is proud to offer Generac generators to those seeking power and quality. We have the expertise and the passion to help you keep your family comfortable all year round, and that includes when the power goes out. Losing power can be especially inconvenient, but also potentially dangerous as it can spoil the food in your refrigerator, and cause the extreme winter and summer temperatures to seep into your home.

If you are in need of a generator, don’t wait until the next time a large storm strikes, or an emergency situation is underway to consider the pros and cons of Generac generators. Call Applegate Home Comfort today at 517-337-7700. You can also contact us here. We will be happy to help you get prepared with a new generator.