Backup Generator for Home

Backup Generator for Home

Michigan is a wonderful place, unless you are caught in its weather. Being on the Great Lakes can cause a lot of problems for the state. Tornadoes, heavy winter storms, thunderstorms, floods, and fires are only a few of the things that Michigan residents must face. To be prepared for the next potential disaster, make sure your home is ready with a backup generator.

Applegate Home Comfort is proud to offer the people of Michigan Generac Generators for their home so they can relax and take on what Michigan has to throw at them with ease. Here’s a look at backup generators for your home, how to use it, and how you can get one of your own to prepare for the next storm.

Backup Generators

A backup generator can come in many different forms, but perhaps the most powerful is the home standby generator. When a thunderstorm or flood in the area wipes out power in your neighborhood, you can rest assured knowing that you will have power with a backup generator. These generators are installed and incorporated into your home’s power system to generate power when it goes out in your neighborhood. It also hooks up to your home’s gas line to provide it with the fuel that it needs to keep your home running, without the need to stock up on gasoline or propane before the next storm.

These generators are not as small or moveable as their portable counterparts, but they can provide a lot more power. A backup generator has the potential to power your entire home over the course of an outage so you can carry on with your routine without being held back by a Michigan storm.

Dangers of Power Outage

Michigan can become very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. During these extremes, a power outage can leave your home without adequate heating and cooling mechanisms. Extreme temperatures can infiltrate your home very quickly, raising or lowering the internal temperature of your home and endangering the more sensitive members of your family that rely on these systems for comfort.

A power outage also means that freezers and refrigerators are not cooling your food. A few times opening each one of these will leave your milk sour, and everything else inedible. Make sure that you are not compromising your family’s food safety by powering your refrigerator with a backup generator.

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Applegate Home Comfort is dedicated to providing Michigan residents with practical solutions to keep your family comfortable all year round, and that includes when the power goes out. We proudly offer Generac Generators and are certified to repair and service them.

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