Blackouts are nothing new. However, major storms have hammered the country in recent years. A good example of this is Hurricane Sandy. When this storm struck the east coast, 8 million people were left without power. In fact, 2011 was a major year in the United States for power outages that were related to weather. Power outages lasting more than 24 hours impacted 21 million homes throughout the country. In Michigan, power outages related to weather are a fact of life. Michigan has some of the coldest winters and during the summer, thunderstorms can happen within a relatively short amount of time.

What are Standby Generators?

Applegate carries the Generac brand of generators for homeowners in the Lansing area. Standby generators offer a steadfast solution to short-term and long-term power outages. Generators are connected directly to your home’s electrical panel. They are powered by an external fuel source, such as propane or diesel. These systems will power your entire home while the power is out. If your electrical company can’t say on top of it during harsh weather or if there is another type of electrical grid problem, Generac standby generators from Applegate will give you the peace of mind that you need.

How Do Generators Work?

Generators have a transfer switch that disconnects you from your utility provider after detecting an interruption in your service. Once your home is disconnected from the grid, the generator channels energy directly to your home’s electrical panel. A combustion engine drives power for your home while power is out. Once your provider resumes service, the generator shuts down and automatically reconnects your home to the electrical grid. Standby generators are great for families because of their seamless operation. You can keep your lights, appliances, and electronics going if the power goes out. Generators even are beneficial for those with electric-powered medical equipment in the home.

Power Failures Throughout The Year

Power failures typically happen because of unpredictable weather, man-made or natural disasters, and utility equipment failure. In Michigan, power outages tend to happen more frequently during the winter months. The record low for Michigan is -51 degrees while the record high was 112 degrees during the summer months. Power loss can happen at any time throughout the year. Let Applegate’s technicians give you peace of mind with a Generac generator for your home.

Michigan’s weather typically is cold winters and humid summers. January is the coldest month, with lows of about 18 degrees. In the summer, the temperature can get as high as 85 degrees in July. These are the times of the year when your electric utility provider is at peak output and outages can happen.

Benefits of Generac Generators

Applegate’s Generac line of generators guarantees fast and automatic delivery of power during a blackout. You will be able to operate your home, specifically your heating and cooling systems, televisions, and other appliances. You will be able to maintain comfort and safety levels during emergencies. Moreover, a standby generator protects your home from dangerous power fluctuations and surges when the power comes back on.

Other benefits include keeping your food safe in your refrigerator when the power goes out. You will also be able to keep your home’s security system on as well during a power outage. Generac generators, simply put, are the top of the line when it comes to emergency power generation for your home.

Let the Applegate Team Install a Generac Generator for Your Home

Many homeowners often elect to install a portable generator. This will provide enough power for a short-term power outage. However, if you want true peace of mind, you should give Applegate Home Comfort a call. Applegate can not only install the right generator for your home, but also make sure that it works over the years. Here is how Applegate Home Comfort can help you install the right generator for your home:

  • Our trained professionals can assess the load needs of your home to get the right generator.
  • We have the expertise to install the generator the right way.
  • We have service and financing options available.
  • We can also help you find other heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Give Applegate a Call Today for Peace of Mind

Let Applegate offer you a home inspection if you are looking for the ideal generator to give you true peace of mind. Give us a call at (517) 337-7700 to schedule your inspection. We are Michigan’s trusted name in heating and cooling and have been in business since 1952

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