Currently, the United States Department of Energy state the average household uses anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of their energy on heating and cooling their home. Simplified, the average American spends as much as 2,200 dollars trying to keep a comfortable climate in their home. However, it’s possible to lower this bill by as much as 50 percent with the right tools. Something as simple as a programmable thermostat can save you 20 dollars a month.

Although, there may be other situations where you may not know what to do nor should risk the potential fallout of acting on it yourself. Applegate wants to prevent you from ever needing to call someone at two in the morning because it’s in the dead of a winter storm and your HVAC broke. We understand the struggles facing Fowlerville, Michigan, residents and want to provide affordable assistance during their times of need.

Services Provided to Fowlerville Residents

Fowlerville, Michigan, is in a location where the residents are able to experience the force of every season. During the summer months, it’s a lukewarm average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, without air conditioning, your home can quickly turn into a hot, stuffy box. This can be incredibly dangerous for many people, especially those who are older in age and are babies.

Although, the real danger lies during the winter months when it can reach as low as negative 20 degrees. The human body needs to remain a stable 98 degrees to function properly. But, when your HVAC starts to go out or completely breaks, your home will become a frigid space. This will increase your chances of acquiring a dangerous ailment. Prevent this from happening by obtaining an annual check-up.

We will be able to look at your HVAC and see if there are any potential problems. For instance, the ducts may be clogged or have some obstruction preventing it from blowing as effectively. We will be able to use our tools to uncover the blockage and remove it without the potential danger of doing it yourself. Doing it yourself can actually make things worse for yourself, thus your wallet.

The Best HVAC Repair in Fowlerville

Applegate has been around for over 60 years and it’s because we know what the people of Fowlerville want. It’s one of the reasons why we don’t just work on HVACs. Looking through our list of services you will see we can provide you assistance in your insulation concerns or even your geothermal desires. Contact us now for help on any of your problems or to learn more about our alternative services.