Protecting Your AC Unit

Protecting Your AC Unit

When it comes to home comfort, your air conditioning unit is an absolute life saver during Michigan’s summer months. While your AC unit is designed to keep you cool through the hot months, there’s plenty that can go wrong and affect comfort levels within your home, in addition to running up energy bills. Then you have to consider theft. Since the condenser (outside unit) consists of materials like copper, it’s a target for many thieves. With this, protecting your AC unit comes down to more than just the elements.

Whether you need to protect your AC from the winter snow and cold, prepare it for summer, or ensure it can’t be stolen, Applegate Home Comfort is happy to help. In fact, we’ve laid out a variety of ways in which you can protect your Michigan home’s AC unit from any factor. Let’s take a look.

Protecting Your AC from the Elements

While theft is surely important to avoid, the main cause for concern over your AC unit should be protecting it from the elements. Though it’s commonly misconceived, your AC unit should actually be able to handle frigid temperatures and snow throughout winter—as it’s designed to withstand such conditions. However, it’s the debris, moisture, and constant cycles between freezing and thawing that tend to do the most damage. As you prep your home for winter months, take the following measures with your AC unit:

  • Upon powering it off for the winter, be sure to remove any debris in and around the unit, such as sticks, leaves, etc.
  • Once it’s cleared and cleaned, you’ll need to protect it from such debris returning. For starters, it’s a good idea to place a sheet of plywood on top of the unit to protect from falling snow, ice, or water. Remember to secure the wood down with some bricks or something similar.
  • In covering your unit, don’t just toss any tarp over it. This can end up trapping moisture throughout winter and allowing pests to make a new home. Instead, purchase a specific AC cover, or at least ensure there’s some space between the cover and ground to allow air to pass through.

Preparing for Summer

When winter ends and summer is on its way, you’ll want to ensure the unit is properly prepped for use. In preparing your AC for summer, there’s quite a few things you can and should do. Take a look at the list of tips below:

  • Replace all the air filters throughout your home.
  • Clean the condenser coils of your AC. Also be sure to clear out any debris that’s accumulated.
  • Check and clear the drain line.
  • Check the refrigerant lines.
  • Also check for air leaks around your home, as these can cause the AC to work harder through summer (same goes for furnace in winter).

Avoiding AC Theft

While theft may not be a concern in your area, you can never be too sure. As mentioned previously, the copper used in the condenser can be worth a pretty penny to some, and thieves have no problem removing it for some extra money. Plus, they’ll often have to break the refrigerant lines to remove the unit, which will cause freon to escape. Regardless, replacing your AC is expensive and a hassle. You can help prevent theft by taking the following measures:

  • Add lighting around the unit
  • Install security cameras
  • Install a fence or cage around the unit
  • Place a lock on the disconnect box

AC on the Fritz? Call Applegate Home Comfort</h3>

Whether you’re preventing theft or function issues, there’s plenty you can do to keep your AC unit safe and working properly. Should you ever have an issue arise with your unit, Applegate is happy to help. No matter the problem, contact us today. You can also give us a call at 517-337-7700.