Programmable Thermostats for Summer

Programmable Thermostats for Summer

Summer is a time to get outside and enjoy being in the sun. After being in the heat all day, the last thing you want to come home to is a warm house. This leads to leaving the air conditioner running all day, cooling a home that no one is in. Programmable thermostats are now available to keep your home, and pocket book, cool.

At Applegate Home Comfort,our mission is to give our clients the most convenient air conditioning systems, that saves them the most. With programmable thermostats, you can set your cooling on timers to when you will need the comfort of a cool home without wasting energy.

Find a Temperature That Works

Programmable thermostats help you and your home find the perfect temperature to live in. Often times when our clients go to turn the air conditioner higher, they overshoot what a good temperature would be, blasting too cold of air.

Programmable thermostats help eliminate excess energy use and temperature that are either too hot, or too cold, by reading the temperature of your home before cooling. We recommend keeping it as warm as comfortably possible, record what temperature that is at then turn it down only a degree or two for an ideal temperature.

With more programmable thermostats having apps for smartphones, it is easy to track temperature and usage conveniently. Being more aware of the right temperature and being able to adjust it from your phone will help eliminate any waste energy.

Take A Break From Air Conditioning

With the ability to turn on and off your air conditioning while away from home the best rule of thumb to cut costs is turn your air conditioning off completely when you are not home.

This also helps keep your unit in good working condition. If your AC unit is running at all times during the summer, it is more likely to wear out faster or need costly repairs and filter changes. By turning it off completely you are increasing its lifespan and saving money now, and later.

It may take a few times to know how far in advance to begin cooling your house before returning, but with the aid of your smartphone it can remember the time period and put your unit on a timer so you never return to a warm house.

Pick The Perfect Spot

To have the most efficient thermostat, placement of it in your home matters. When placed too close to electrical appliances that generate heat, it can disproportionately read your overall home’s temperature.

Additionally, placing it on a wall of direct sunlight will also have this same effect and cause your air conditioning system to work harder than it needs to keep your home cool.

When your purchase a programmable thermostat, be sure to read the directions for placement. This will ensure you get accurate readings and get the most for your money.

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