Preparing Your AC For Summer

Preparing Your AC For Summer

When summer hits, you want your air conditioning system ready to keep you cool. However, often times damage can be sustained to your system even when it’s not being used, making it important to prepare your AC for summer to beat the heat.

At Applegate Home Comfort our mission is to give quality service all year round, with regular maintenance visits to make sure you stay cool when you need it most. We help you think ahead, with proper tips and tricks to maintain a working air conditioning unit. We also offer free estimates if your old system needs to be replaced.

Think Ahead

When your only focus in winter is staying warm, it can be hard to remember to check your air conditioning unit for damage or repair. Your air conditioning system, much like a car, has to be driven every now and then to keep it in good shape.

While we don’t want you blasting cold air in the dead of winter, it is important to remember that winter won’t last forever and cool air will be soon needed. Proper maintenance is essential to saving your unit from costly repairs and replacement.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance begins with knowing what to look for, and signs your unit may need an expert eye. Ultimately, for a well-running unit, it should be cleaned regularly, filters and coils both. It should have no debris surrounding the area with the filters changed out at recommended time points. Units should also be kept off except when in use or testing for repairs to save time and energy.

By following these steps, your unit should remain ready for summer all year long. Twice a year, recommended usually in the winter and summer, a professional maintenance visit should be made to look for additional signs of damage.

One common issue for air conditioning units is leaking. Leaking can be hard to spot, and often times goes unnoticed until it is a bigger issue. Not only does leaking cause your unit to work less efficiently and produce warmer air, it also releases chemicals into the air in your home.

By having a professional visit by Applegate Home Comfort, our trained service people can spot and repair signs of leaking early on. This ensures cool air for your home all summer long.

Replace Not Repair

If your current unit is outdated, and requiring repairs constantly, it may be time to looking into a new air conditioning unit. While this endeavor may seem costly, on average, you will spend more money on yearly repairs than investing in new, energy efficient units that will last a lifetime.

If your system has been on the decline over the years, don’t wait until you need cool air this summer and pay for a costly repair, look into how much time, money and energy you could save by switching to an Applegate Home Comforts air conditioning unit.

When our professional install one in your home, we give you all the tools you need to keep it ready for summer all year round.

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