Eaton Rapids

Eaton Rapids

It’s recently been found 44% percent of the energy used in the average home goes toward heating and/or cooling the house. American homeowners actually spend an estimated 2,200 dollars every year on only the energy bill. Thankfully, the Department of Energy says you can reduce your heating bill anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of its original total. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a reputable person to turn to for these type of concerns.

Applegate has been around for over 60 years, though, so we can attest to our knowledge. Over the decades, we’ve collected a rather extensive knowledge on what the people of Eaton Rapid, Michigan, need. It helps our assistants have been with us and lived in this community for decades. This is one of the reasons why we can guarantee your satisfaction; we know the obstacles residents of Eaton Rapids face and want to fix them.

Is It Important to Insulate My Home?

Insulation is a crucial part of a home, not only will the insulation help keep sound contained within certain rooms and the house, but it helps prevent air from leaking. A good portion of your money is already going toward heating and cooling your home, you might as well do your best to keep it there. An improperly insulated home will allow the cold air outside to come inside and displace the heat you are comfortable with.

Eaton Rapids faces every climate throughout the year, which means when you the average low of 17 degrees Fahrenheit in January is going to dramatically affect your home. For one, if there are any leaks your hot air is going to go outside and rise, while the chilly outside climate is going to seep in. Your HVAC will need to work twice as hard to ensure it stays the temperature you set it as.

However, without proper insulation, this cycle will only continue causing your energy bill to be much higher than you probably feel right paying. This is one of the reasons why you need to search for any problems or work with someone who will ensure it’s properly insulated. They will be able to find any problems your house may be facing and do their best to fix it. Despite this, be sure to choose someone who has the years of experience to guarantee satisfaction.

The Best Insulators and HVAC Repair in Eaton Rapids

Having someone come look at your HVAC and insulation once a year may seem troublesome to a few, but it’s vastly better than having to wait for a replacement to come in because you pushed off care for too long. Applegate wants to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to prevent this from happening. We offer you an affordable rate to ensure your house’s safety, as well as yours. You’ll even be able to save money in the long-run when you work with us for your insulation or HVAC needs. Contact us now for assistance or to learn more about our other services.