Not many people realize how much work goes into keeping your home its desired temperature. For instance, it’s common for homeowners not to know you need to regularly change your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit filters in order for it to work properly. It’s recommended to change your filters at least every two or three months to prevent any dust from accumulating and blocking the airways in your filter. However, if you do have a pet you will need to change them at least once a month because the dander and hair will be quickly absorbed.

While this is one of the most common reasons as to why their HVAC needs assistance, it’s not the only problem people face. Applegate understands the many complications people face living in Michigan, especially in the city of Dimondale. This is one of the reasons why we want to create as many possibilities for you to acquire the help you need. We will actually come to your home at any time of the day were you in need of us.

How’s the Weather in Dimondale?

With a population of around 1,234 people, Dimondale, Michigan, is really no different than any other town across the country. The people have to deal with the varying climates the state has to throw at them. While the heat isn’t as excruciating as it is in Los Angeles, California, or Austin, Texas, Dimondale still has weather temperments capable of causing damage to you were you unprepared.

The average low ranges between 22 degrees and 17 degrees Fahrenheit during the Winter months. Your body needs to maintain a comfortable temperature around 98 degrees to function properly. Without a properly running HVAC your house can reach a frigid climate to the point you are living a miserable life.

Potential Problems With Your HVAC

While the most common problem facing homeowners when it comes to their HVAC is a dirty filter, there can be other obstacles in your way hindering your leisure time. For instance, you can have potentially low levels of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a highly toxic chemical used to keep your system cool, as well as provide the lukewarm feeling everyone wants their home to exude.

However, it’s illegal for anyone to own it, much less use it when they don’t have the right certifications. Even were you to actually be in possession of it, it’s recommended to let the professionals handle it since it can give you cancer. Turning to a reputable organization to do your work will ensure your house is always comfortable and avoids the unseemly high bill.

HVAC Repair in Dimondale

Regular repair on your HVAC will actually save you money. Signing up for an annual check-up will allow professionals to look at it and see if anything is wrong. Something as trivial as dirty coils can cause your bill to quickly rise. Your HVAC is having to work overtime to compensate for the obstacles in its way. Applegate wants to prevent you from needing a whole new system, which is why we provide affordable rates. Contact us now for any of your HVAC concerns or to learn more about our other available services.