Not many people realize how important your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is. It controls the temperature in your house and how much you spend per month on your utility bill. However, without regular maintenance, your bill can quickly start to increase without you noticing until it is too late. An improperly cared for HVAC can cause a spike anywhere from 50 extra dollars to 200 a month.

It doesn’t help most places in Charlotte, Michigan, aren’t quite as reputable as Applegate. We’ve been able to accumulate a wide range of knowledge since our inception in 1952. We will be able to pinpoint the exact problem you are facing and create an affordable way to solve this obstacle. Additionally, you will be able to call us whenever you want because we are available 24 hours of the day. Living in Charlotte, Michigan, means you need to be prepared for all weather conditions.

Average Weather in Charlotte, Michigan

Your body needs to maintain a comfortable core temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit to stay alive. As your body gets colder it slowly starts to slow down and shut down, which is why it’s important to have an AC unit. It works the same way for people living in hotter climates, but the hottest average temperature in Charlotte reaches an estimated 82 degrees so it’s not as big a concern.

Charlotte, Michigan, is home to much cooler climates, which is why it’s important to have a cared for HVAC. No one wants to come home to a freezing house and a reputable company will ensure you never have to either.

Living in Charlotte

Charlotte, Michigan, has an average low of around 20 and 15 degrees between the months of December and February. Most people would put it between 68 and 80 degrees; no less. But, the last thing you want to do during this cooler season is to have your heater only a couple degrees higher than the recommended outside climate. Although, it can be difficult for your unit to maintain this temperature if it can’t run at full capacity.

For instance, HVACs go through normal wear-and-tear, which can cause your system to degrade in quality over time. This doesn’t mean you need to shell out thousands for a new HVAC, just call someone who can look through your unit to find a solution. Something as simple as an annual check-up is all you need to ensure it will continuously run smoothly throughout the year. It doesn’t cost as much as buying new parts or a brand new HVAC, either.

The Best HVAC Repair in Charlotte, Michigan

HVAC repair and maintenance is one of the many services we offer here at Applegate. Our professionals are all connected to the community and know what each resident needs because we’ve been here for most of our lives. We’ll be able to utilize our advanced knowledge to pinpoint what your exact problem is. Contact us now for any of your heating and cooling needs, HVAC repair, insulation demands or to learn more about any of our other services.