What Is Cellulose Insulation?

Home insulation is important for every Michigan home. Because of the region’s harsh climate, winters are often cold and snow-filled. To keep your Michigan home warm during these tough months, proper home insulation is essential. In recent years, cellulose insulation has become one of the most popular types of home insulation in Michigan.

Here at Applegate Home Comfort, we offer Applegate Premium cellulose insulation for your Michigan home. It doesn’t matter if you have a century-old home or just a blueprint for your home, we proudly install and retrofit our cellulose insulation in every type of Michigan home. Before you contact us for more information, let our insulation experts fill you in on the benefits of cellulose insulation.

What is Cellulose Insulation?

While fiberglass insulation has been a popular choice in home insulation for years, cellulose insulation has seen considerable growth over the past few decades. Cellulose insulation is a plant fiber insulation made from recycled newspaper. It is then treated with chemicals, such as boric acid, to help prevent the spread of fire should one occur in your Michigan home.

Here at Applegate, we proudly offer cellulose insulation as an option for your Michigan home. While we believe cellulose is one of the best options for most every Michigan home, we understand that all homes have different needs and we will take that into account accordingly. We can share with you all the options we offer for home insulation so your home receives exactly what it needs.

Benefits of Installing Cellulose Insulation in Your Home

The benefits of installing cellulose insulation in your Michigan home are far reaching. In fact, many of the benefits of cellulose insulation will surprise you and have you considering installing cellulose in your home. Some of the benefits of cellulose insulation are:

  • Home Heating: Cellulose is able to keep you home heated comfortably because it is able to fit soundly around pipes and wiring, while other forms of insulation may leave crevices in these areas.
  • Savings: The long-term monetary savings of cellulose insulation are impressive. Some homeowners claim cellulose can save 20 to 50% on their home energy and utility bills annually.
  • Mold Control: Since cellulose is treated with boric acid, mold has a difficult time growing in cellulose-insulated homes.
  • Fire Prevention: Additionally, the boric acid also helps to prevent fires from spreading, in the event of a house fire.

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