Best Furnace Repair in Okemos

Best Furnace Repair in Okemos

A furnace is an essential for cold Michigan winters, and Okemos is no exception. They keep your home warm so you can live comfortably in your home, even when it is below freezing outside. Unfortunately, furnaces don’t last forever, and will need regular maintenance and quick repair to keep it going year after year.

Applegate Home Comfort is the place to call for the best furnace repair in Okemos. Our team of professionals is well trained, experienced, and ready to help. We promise to give you the best and most honest service in Okemos, and work with you to do what is best for your home and your wallet.

Furnace Repair

To prevent a costly replacement, it is important to get a broken furnace serviced before a minor problem becomes a bigger one. If your furnace won’t turn on at all once it’s become chillier outside, or is producing odd sounds or smells, give us a call right away. We can be there quickly to assist you and get your furnace up and running.

Every furnace breaks down, but you can greatly extend the life of your furnace by giving it proper care and having regular maintenance visits from a professional at Applegate Home Comfort. Each year, it is important to conduct maintenance on the furnace, vents, and even your home insulation to make sure your furnace will run well and run as efficiently as possible to save you money and hassle in the future.

Common Heating Repairs

Problems with a furnace can be tricky to spot, and when problems do arise, it could mean that the repair is bigger than it could have been with regular maintenance. Furnace problems can occur from lack of maintenance, buildup on filters, improper hookup, thermostat malfunction, normal wear or even inadequate insulation. Some of these problems can be recognized with signs like frequent cycling, odd noises or smells, or lack of heat.

Since your furnace is so important for your comfort in the upcoming Michigan winters, it shouldn’t be neglected. Regular maintenance, inspections, and repair from Applegate Home Comfort will keep your furnace going for years to come. Not only do we do furnace repairs, we are also experts in air conditioning for the summers, and general home ventilation.

Contact Us

Has your furnace been inspected recently? Does it need repair? Give Applegate Home Comfort a call at 517-337-7700 to schedule your regular maintenance or a repair visit. You can also contact us here.

If your furnace has broken down in the worst of the Michigan winter, we offer emergency services to assist you, keeping your family warm, comfortable, and safe.