Best Furnace Repair Company for Winter 2018

Best Furnace Repair Company for Winter 2018

With an average temperature of 26 degrees and between 30” and 312” of snow in the winter of 2017, Michigan weather can certainly be characterized as extreme. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts similar winter conditions for the upcoming 2018 winter season. Keeping your furnace functioning at its peak capacity becomes crucial for the health and safety of your family. With so many HVAC companies out there, how do choose the right one? Let’s talk about some of the ways your can protect yourself from choosing the wrong company.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

It can be difficult to know when to call a furnace repair company and when the things you’re noticing are normal. We’ve put together this list of common complaints we see with Michigan residents:

  • You haven’t maintained or serviced your unit in over a year. Yearly tune-ups are vital to maintaining the health and longevity of your furnace.
  • Water is pooling around or near your furnace. Normally caused by a clogged condensation line, this can shut down your entire unit. Call us immediately at 517-337-7700 if you notice any water.
  • Your utility bill rises unexpectedly. The average utility bill in Michigan is $94.50. If your bill seems higher than this or you unexpectedly see a huge jump from one month to the next, we recommend having a technician assess your unit. It is quite possible a simple repair could save you hundreds in unnecessary heating bills. To schedule your appointment call 517-337-7700 or fill out this online form **
  • Frequent or almost constant cycling. If your unit is kicking in and off constantly, this is a sign that your furnace is over-cycling. Call our highly trained technicians today at 517-337-7700.
  • Your unit is too old. A high quality furnace should last around 15 years, depending on its maintenance record. Here is a little more information about furnace cost and replacement.

Waiting to fix a problem is always more expensive and stressful than repairing small issues as they arise. At Applegate Home Comfort, we have built our success on honesty and integrity. We will give you honest answers and affordable solutions to your heating system issues.

Schedule Your Seasonal Tune-up Today!

When temperatures plummet to well below zero, a furnace functioning at peak capacity is a must for the comfort and safety of your family. With our 98% customer satisfaction rating, Applegate Home Comfort has earned the trust of Michigan communities. Don’t wait until your system fails to take care of the issues it may have, schedule your seasonal tune-up by filling out this online form or call 517-337-7700 to schedule your yearly tune-up.