Heating Repair

Heating Repair

During the cold winter months, having a well-functioning heater makes all the difference in staying warm and cozy in your home. However, homeowners will often pay little attention to their heating system throughout the summer, missing early signs of damage or deterioration. Learn how you can catch damage early on and receive quality heating repair to stay warm all winter long.

At Applegate Home Comfort, we specialize in heating repair for Michigan homes. With annual maintenance visits and emergency 24/7 repair services, Applegate stands out among the rest. Find out more about why you should rely on the experts at Applegate Home Comfort for your HVAC needs.

Repair Not Replace

Often, homeowners will discover an issue with their home heating system and either attempt to make repairs themselves, wait to make a repair call, or ignore the situation altogether. These solutions are geared at saving money; however, they generally amount to greater damage that calls for an expensive replacement.

Saving money is a top priority for many families, and Applegate Home Comfort meets these needs by providing affordable services and free evaluations. We believe that quality repairs to your heating system are the most cost effective option for you and your family. By ignoring damage and repair needs early on, you are making your heater work harder for the same results. This results in more energy use and higher utility bills. This is not the most cost effective option for your household or the environment.

The national average to replace a water heater, or furnace system is $1,006. In comparison, the national average for a heating repair was only $300. Don’t let an easy repair turn into a costly replacement.

Contractors You Can Trust

Our experts at Applegate Home Comfort are in the business of giving homeowners the tools to stay up to date with their home appliances to increase their lifespan and save money. We are not a sales based company and have no incentives to get you into an expensive new system.

Your HVAC system should last, on average, anywhere from twelve to seventeen years. We provide the tools to help keep your heating system running for its full lifespan. Our suggestions for repair are always explained, keeping homeowners involved with all aspects of our services.

You can trust the heating repair professionals of Applegate Home Comfort to give honest estimates, paired with the highest-quality service in the Michigan area.

Service When You Need It

One of our best features is our 24/7 emergency repairs. When disaster strikes, it does not always happen between normal business hours. No matter the time of day, you can count on receiving the same high-quality service.

We rely on customer satisfaction to keep us in business, so we aim to provide helpful customer service at all times. We have a live person to take your calls after hours, and keep our fleet of vehicles in top notch condition so we are ready to respond to a repair need when we get the call.

Don’t hesitate to call Applegate Home Comfort today and start seeing the savings from a job well done.

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