Troubleshooting HVAC

Troubleshooting HVAC

As a homeowner in the Michigan area, it serves you and your family well to be prepared to what the Michigan weather can throw at your home. From hot, wet summers to cold, icy winters it is important that your home stays comfortable in terms of temperature year round, regardless of what is happening outside of your doors. If your heating and cooling system seems to be having issues it is important to have the tools to troubleshooting your HVAC.

When you work with the home comfort experts at Applegate Home Comfort you are working with a team that knows what it means to be a Michigan homeowner. Our local business has been in operation for over 50 years, adding to our services areas and services provided daily. We boast of high-quality workmanship combined with our emergency services to make us your trusted HVAC repair team. Find out more today on how we help homeowners troubleshoot their HVAC system.

Know What To Look For

You HVAC system may look confusing, but with a little at-home repair skill and knowledge on when to call for a repair service you can keep your home and pocketbook cool.

If you have never taken notice of your HVAC system it may be time to start learning a little more about your home’s heating and cooling system. While knowledge of the thermostat is helpful in controlling your indoor temperature, this often does not provide the full picture.

Start taking note of what your system sounds like, when it seems to cycle, your average heating and cooling bill and any particular smells emitted. By paying attention to these things it is easy to track changes, and in turn, identify when a problem occurs.

Other signs of HVAC issues could include:

  • HVAC not turning on/off
  • Fan on but no air coming from vents
  • Flooding or leaking from condenser unit
  • Unit shutting off or cycling loudly
  • Diminished airflow
  • and more

By paying attention to these things, you are able to determine how to best fix the situation. At-home repairs should always be investigated first. Such as cleaning the indoor vents, removing dirt and debris from near or around units and properly using your system as to not overwork it.

However, if issues occur after assessing these things it may be time to call the Applegate team.

Know When To Call

Many homeowners fall susceptible to the myth that it is cheaper to leave issues unrepaired. While it may not seem necessary to repair a furnace as the summer starts, repairs left unattended too only grow worse, and more costly over time.

Fixing repairs early on saves you money in the long run. The longer a unit functions with an issue, the harder it must work. Not only does this cost the environment, but also your pocketbook as your utility bill rises. A faulty HVAC unit is not working to its full capacity when running with issues and takes twice as much energy to get half the results.

Additionally, there will come a point when a repair is not possible and a replacement is the only options. This costs much more and is not necessary when properly taking care of and repair a unit. Don’t wait any longer and contact Applegate today for your free consultation.

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