What Are Some of the Options for Heating and Cooling a Home?

What Are Some of the Options for Heating and Cooling a Home?

Looking into heating and cooling options for your home? We have been there. Many homeowners reach the point where they are in need of a replacement HVAC unit. When that time comes, it is important to know your options and find the solution that will provide you optimal comfort while lowering your energy bill. Take a look at the options you have for heating and cooling your home.

Applegate Home Comfort is a Lansing, Michigan business who provides trusted HVAC services throughout the state. Our aim is to give homeowners the best solutions for heating and cooling their home so they can reach the optimal temperature in their home. Here is a quick look at the different options you have for heating and cooling your home.

Heating Options

Heating is important for a home, especially during the winter. If you are in need of a solution for your home, there are many ways to keep your home warm. Here is a look at some common heating options for homes:

  • Furnace: A majority of homes feature a furnace for their heating solution. A furnace will blow heated air through the air ducts throughout the home to control the temperature. It is often powered by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil.
  • Boiler: These are special purpose water heaters. This type of system distributes heat through hot water that passes through radiators or other devices throughout the home. The cooler water returns to the boiler to be heated again.
  • Heat Pump: A heat pump will take the warm air from the outside and pump it into your home to help warm the home. These work better in areas that don’t experience extreme hot or cold weather.

Cooling Options

There are two common AC units that are used to cool homes. Central AC and heat pumps can be used to make sure that the home is nice and cool throughout the summer. Here is a short look at how they work and the cooling they provide to a home:

  • Central AC: These types of air conditioners are set u to cool the entire home. Typically comes in two parts with a compressor on the outside that handles a large portion of the process. The inside can house the coil which cools the air and sends it through the house via ducts.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump can also act as an air conditioner by collecting the warm air inside your home and sending it outside. This will make sure that your home has cooler air than the surrounding environment.

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