Okemos Air Conditioners

Okemos Air Conditioners

When temperatures in Okemos reach the mid 90’s, residents agree that having your air conditioning unit running smoothly is a huge priority. Applegate Home Comfort is dedicated to keeping you cool and comfortable through the scorching Michigan summer.

Our technicians have decades of experience in the HVAC industry and are trained to diagnose and fix any issues, large or small, with your system. If you are looking to replace your entire system, they have the ability to recommend the optimum unit for your home. Call today at 517-337-7700 to schedule your obligation free consultation.

Choosing an Air Conditioning System

Choosing an air conditioning unit for your home can be a difficult task. Our technicians can help you sort through your wish list items and recommend the right unit for your home and budget. Applegate has been the leading air conditioning supplier in Michigan since 1952.

Our expert installers will custom fit your unit to your exact home specifications. We will also teach you all the in’s and out’s of your specific HVAC unit. Our comprehensive pricing will be clear and precise, with no hidden fees involved. We strive to be open and honest with our clients, only recommending that which is necessary. Call today to schedule an obligation free consultation at 517-337-7700.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Cost?

Nailing down a price for an air conditioner can be frustrating at best. Pricing varies considerably depending on size of home, brand of unit and optional additions to your unit. Our HVAC contractors have the ability to assess your home’s needs and recommend the exact unit you need. We understand the price concern with installing a new AC unit, which is why we only recommend that which is necessary for your home, nothing more. Pricing always includes the labor necessary for installation. Call today for your obligation free consultation and estimate at 517-337-7700!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Applegate Home Comfort has serving the people of Okemos for over 60 years, providing top quality services at affordable prices. We are about your comfort and strive to give you the highest quality services at prices you can afford. Whatever your air conditioning needs, simply call our Okemos office today at 517-337-7700 to schedule your appointment.