Local Heating and Cooling Companies

Local Heating and Cooling Companies

Heating and cooling play an important role in your home, especially in Michigan. Michigan experiences a wide range of weathers and temperatures. It is crucial for homeowners to be prepared for the weather they will face on a yearly basis. HVAC units can be the most important feature of a home when the weather begins to change into summer or winter.

Applegate Home Comfort is a local Lansing, Michigan company that is focused on providing HVAC services that keep your home comfortable at all times. As locals, we are familiar with the harsh weather conditions during the winter and we have lived through the humid summers. Learn more about our local heating and cooling services and why it’s best to work with a local company.

Heating Services

Heating is incredibly important for Michigan residents. Anybody who has lived through a winter here understands that the frigid winters are tough. The intense cold requires heating that can keep your family safe and happy. We offer heating services that make sure your furnace is working throughout the entire winter.

Homeowners can start with a maintenance check. We will ensure that your unit is ready to run during the winter. If you are experiencing any problems and your heat isn’t working properly, we can also repair the issue. In the worst case scenario, we can also replace your furnace to make sure you have heating for the winter.

Cooling Services/h2>

The summers in Michigan are incredibly humid. With the right cooling system, your home will be at the perfect temperature with minimal amounts of humidity. Meanwhile, you can escape the hot air and find some relief in your home. Without cooling, the summer can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Calling us, you can make sure that your AC unit is properly maintained. We will keep your unit running smoothly during the entire summer. Maintenance also extends the life of your unit and makes sure it is running efficiently. Any issues can be repaired and if needed, we can replace your unit for one better designed for your home.

Go Local With Applegate Home Comfort

As a local company, we can provide a quick response to needs throughout Lansing, Michigan. We are also invested in our clients and want them to have the best experience with our team. If you are in need of local heating and cooling services, don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at 866.369.3057!