Local Heating Contractors

Local Heating Contractors

With winter right around the corner, it is crucial for homeowners to start thinking about their heating solutions before it’s too late. Your home requires proper heating to make it through the frigid Michigan winters. Find local heating contractors that can provide you with the maintenance and repairs to get the best out of your heater this winter.

Applegate Home Comfort has been providing high quality HVAC services in Mid Michigan for over 35 years. Our experience has allowed us to provide homeowners with the most optimal comfort in homes all year long. As a local company, we understand the threat of the cold weather in the winter. Here is some information on the services we provide and how we keep your home comfortable during the winter.

Applegate HVAC Services

A great place to start with your heating unit is with maintenance. Too often, furnaces or other heating units are neglected and overworked. This means that homeowners are running their heating all winter and letting them sit throughout the summer without a tune up. If you get furnace maintenance once a year prior to the winter, your unit will work more efficiently and last longer.

In the case that your unit is in need of repairs, we can also provide you with the solutions you’ll need to have heating. Our professionals can pinpoint any issue with your system and make sure that is fixed before you get too cold. We even offer emergency services just in case you are stuck without heating at any point in the winter.

Finally, we even offer replacements or installations of new furnaces. Best of all, we take into consideration your home and its needs. We will be able to determine what type of heating solution is best designed to give your home the best heating while keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

Local HVAC Contractors

Our business services many cities throughout Mid Michigan. Homeowners in Okemos, Webberville, Bath, Holt, and Haslett can take advantage of our HVAC services today! We work on both heating and cooling appliances, so no matter what the season, you can achieve the perfect temperature in your home.

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No matter what city in Mid Michigan, you can trust Applegate is there to respond to your heating needs. We work on both heating and cooling systems so never hesitate to contact us for either. If you are in need of local heating services, don’t hesitate tocontact us here or give us a call at 866.369.3057!