Local Heating and Air Company

Local Heating and Air Company

Michigan residents are no strangers to the intense weather conditions. With the humid summers and frigid winters, homeowners need to make sure that their homes are well equipped to handle the temperature changes. Finding a reliable HVAC company can be difficult, but residents in or near Lansing can take advantage of Applegate Home Comfort for all of your HVAC needs.

Applegate Home Comfort has over 35 years of experience servicing home’s HVAC units in Lansing, Michigan. We pride ourselves on the services we are able to provide to our local clients. As a local business, we understand the Michigan climate and the importance of having proper heating and air conditioning. Here is some information on our services and why it’s great to go with a local company for your HVAC needs.

Heating and Air Experts

As we have mentioned, our business has been servicing homes in Lansing for over 35 years. With that kind of experience, you can trust that we’ve seen and repaired any type of damage that has occurred. Our professionals are trained to work with a wide variety of heating and AC units. No matter the type, you can trust that we’ll get your unit up and running.

Whether it is repair or replacement, we aim to give our local clients the best services in town. We’ve worked with many homes in the area and have a lot of experience with the different issues units can have. Furnaces and central AC units are some of the most common types of units found in homes in the area.

Types of Services

There are a number of services we offer for homes in the area. If your unit has stopped working, we can go to your home to inspect the system and determine if your unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Regardless of the issue, we will give your home a solution that will give you and your family complete comfort.

One of our best services is the maintenance check up. We will provide your HVAC units with maintenance before they are needed to ensure that they will work properly throughout the season. This will extend the life of your unit and minimize the amount spent on repairs or replacements.

Go Local With Applegate Home Comfort

As a local company, we are invested in the comfort of homeowners in the area. If you are in need of local heating and air services, don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at 866.369.3057!