HVAC Problems and Solution

HVAC Problems and Solutions

Too many homeowners, their heating, and cooling system can seem like a mystery, especially when something goes wrong. Beyond the thermostat, it may be difficult to identify problems with your HVAC and find the best solutions. However, it is important to learn some of the most common HVAC problems and solutions to properly care for your unit and to increase its lifespan. Learn more today.

Applegate Home Comfort has been the leading home comfort service in the Michigan area for over 50 years. We specialize in partnering with homeowners to give you the tools to care for your home as well as knowing who to call if you system experience any issues. Learn more about common HVAC problems, solutions to these issues and how to get help when you need it from Applegate Home Comfort.

Common HVAC Problems

Common issues for an HVAC can be repaired both at home or if more serious by a technician. The main problem facing homeowners is that they are not aware of the difference, or the warning signs, of an internal issue with their unit.

If you are experiencing higher utility bills without running your system more, hearing loud noises that you have not in the past or see new messages appear on your thermostat, it may be time to take a closer look at your system and determine what it needs.

Some of the most common issues your heating and cooling unit will experience include:

  • Unit cycling- often, homeowners don’t realize their HVAC unit is on a timer and will notice it cycles on and off. This is an easy fix made on your thermostat and can even help save money is you select a schedule that works better for your timer.
  • Air doesn’t feel as cool as normal- While this could indicate larger issues, at-home solutions you should try first including removing any dirt or debris covering your unit causing it to work harder, or checking the coolant liquids.
  • Some rooms warmer or cooler- This could be a sign that some of your vents in your home are blocked. An easy solution is to clean the vents or remove any items locking the airflow in these rooms.

While many of these issues are not serious, leaving them unattended to can lead to further damage. More serious signs of damage would include:

  • HVAC unit not turning on/off
  • Loud, unusual noises when turning off
  • Cycling, and shutting off frequently
  • Leaks from indoor/outdoor unit
  • Flooding
  • Thermostat displaying warnings

These issues would require the attention of one of our HVAC experts and should be taken care of immediately to prevent rising costs of replacements.

Leading Home Comfort Solutions

When you discover an issue that is not an at-home fix it is time to call on the expertise of the leading home comfort solutions team in the Michigan area. At Applegate, we are dedicated to going above and beyond for homeowners, keeping your looped in on the repairs we see that need to be made with explanations for each.

Our repair team offers affordable solutions that are more sustainable for your home and your pocketbook. When your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly you are spending unneeded money and energy on the cost of running these systems. This not only decreases the lifespan of your unit but costs more in the long run.

When our team makes a repair, we make sure the job is done right so you will not soon be spending any more on a replacement or unnecessary energy bills. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call today and give your home the comfort it deserves.

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