HVAC Contractors

HVAC Contractors

Living in Michigan can be difficult during the summer or winter. The intense weather conditions make it crucial to have effective heating and cooling appliances. An old ac unit or furnace could be costing you when it is in use. For maintenance, repairs, or replacements, it is important to find an HVAC contractor that can provide you with solutions to improve the comfort of your home.

Applegate Home Comfort is a local Michigan company that has been servicing Mid Michigan homes for over 35 years. As a local contractor, we are truly invested in your needs and aim to provide you with valuable services that solve your issues. Learn more about how we can save you money on your energy bill and the services we provide to improve your heating and cooling.

Saving Money On Your Energy Bill

Having an HVAC appliance that is energy efficient will save you a lot of money in the long run. Once winter hits, you can expect that your heating will be on the entire winter. If your unit isn’t working efficiently, it can drain your wallet. One way to improve the efficiency of your unit is to get regular maintenance checks.

Our contractors will provide you with maintenance checks to ensure that your unit is going to work effectively through the entire season. It is best to get your AC unit checked in the spring before the summer starts to warm the air. For furnaces, they should be checked in the autumn before the cold starts to hit.

HVAC Repairs and Replacements

Without the proper maintenance, units can undergo a lot of stress. They tend to run for months at a time and require tune ups to keep them working well. If your furnace or AC unit goes out, you need a contractor to repair the issue. In the worst case scenario, your entire unit may need to be replaced. We’ll be able to determine the severity of the issue.

Since we’ve been in business for over 35 years, we have a lot of experience with all types of heating and cooling systems. In the case that we do replace your unit, we guide you through the process to pick a unit that is well suited for your home. It will give you the best heating or cooling while keeping your energy bill low.

Find An HVAC Contractor Today

Need a contractor in Holt, Bath, or Webberville? Applegate offers services in your area! If you are in need of local heating and cooling services, don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at 866.369.3057!