How To Replace Your Furnace Filter

How To Replace Your Furnace Filter

If you live in Michigan, you understand that the winters can be extremely cold. The midwestern winters call for extensive use of your furnace to keep your home warm throughout the season. If you are running your furnace for months at a time, it is important to maintain it and make sure the air pumping into your home is clean. Learn about furnace filters, when to replace them, and how to replace them.

Applegate Home Comfort is a local Michigan company that is focused on helping homeowners throughout the Lansing area find excellent HVAC solutions. We aim to optimize the comfort of your home and provide services that help you keep your home at the right temperature. We also offer a lot of great information to make sure homeowners are taking proper care of their furnace. Here is more information on Furnace Filters and how to replace them.

How Often To Change Your Furnace Filter

When your furnace is working, it is pumping air through your home. In order for that air to be clean and healthy, you have filters placed to capture a lot of the dust being pushed around by the furnace. Of course, depending on how dusty your home is or the pets you have or how often you run your furnace, chances are that you have to change your filter regularly to maintain clean air flow.

During the Michigan winters, your furnace is probably running pretty frequently. If you are running your furnace the entire time, it is best to replace your filter on a monthly basis regardless of how dusty your home is. The constant usage will leave that filter very dirty and a lot of that dust will start to make its way into your home. Luckily, changing your filter isn’t difficult!

How To Change Your Furnace Filter

There are only 3 steps to changing a furnace filter. The first is to turn off the furnace and open it up to find out what kind of filter you have. If you have a plastic filter, you only need to clean it and put it back in. If you have another type of filter, make a note of the direction of the airflow and the size of the filter.

The next step is to purchase a filter of the same size. Of course, there a number of different filters ranging in thickness. Disposable filters are typically 1 or 2 inches thick. Decide on the quality filter you want for your furnace. The final step is to put the filter in. There are typically markings on the furnace to direct how you put the filter in.

Get Furnace Maintenance and Repair from Applegate

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