Heating and Cooling Checklist for New Home Construction

Heating and Cooling Checklist for New Home Construction

If you are a homeowner that is in the process of working with contractors to build a new home, or are buying a recently built home, there can be a lot to think about. However, one benefit to new home construction is the ability to choose appliances and materials that will save on energy for heating and cooling. While this may seem more expensive upfront, the savings will speak for themselves. Check out our heating and cooling checklist for new home construction to ensure that your home is equipped with the best.

When you work with Applegate Home Comfort as a part of your home improvement team, we are dedicated to giving you the home of your dreams. With that, we prepare our clients with the skill set and tools to properly choose the right heating and cooling system for their home that will give back the most over the years. Additionally, we provide at-home checklists for clients to perform maintenance checks on their new home appliances to ensure a long lifespan and safety for your home.

Benefits of New Home Construction

When you buy or build a new home, you have the added benefit of getting a say in the appliance, insulation and design choices for your home. With that, it is important that homeowners are not just focused on the price, color, or look of items but instead on how these appliances will pay off in the future, and the safety benefits for health and home.

Some benefits of a new home construction include determining energy efficiency. With new, reusable, insulation options on the market, it is easy to equip a new home with these materials that are good for the environment and good for your pocketbook.

This allows you ensure that insulation is in good condition, and free of any mold or mildew, which can cause older homes both insulation and health issues. You can also choose materials unique to your climate, and mix and match insulation types depending on what part of the home it is located.

While options are good, it is important for homeowners to understand what choices will be most beneficial for their home, as contractors can suggest either their favorite or most expensive heating and cooling appliances, which are not always the best choice for your home.

New HVAC units, or heating and cooling appliances, also have a long life span. While it may feel costly to install energy-efficient appliances as you construct your new home, these units usually last between 12-17 years and pay for themselves after the first few years.

Check out Applegate Home Comfort’s at-home maintenance checklist, to ensure you are getting the best appliances for your home, and caring for them properly so you will not need costly repairs in the near future.

At-Home Checklist

While you may not be able to install the appliances yourself, you can pick them out, and will be responsible in upkeeping them over the years. When you work with Applegate Home Comfort you can rest assured that the installation process will go smoothly and to the highest standards. From there check out these maintenance items to keep your heating and cooling system in good condition:

  • Keep track of energy bills- if your system is properly functioning, you should see lower energy bills due to proper insulation and energy use. If your energy bill seems to go up over the months, this may be a sign something is not working properly.
  • Clean areas surrounding appliances- not only can nearby furniture, dirt, or debris pose as a fire hazard, but it can also decrease the functionality of your HVAC unit.
  • Put thermostat on a timer- this will help you heat or cool your home only when needed, taking the stress off of your appliances and saving you money.
  • Change filters- you should change your furnace filters every 60-90 days, this will increase air quality as well as take the risk of a fire hazard away.
  • Listen for strange noises- while every HVAC system will make some noise, if you notice something out of the ordinary, or unusual it is best to call in a professional to have a formal maintenance check done.
  • Clean coils and vents- by keeping the coils of your outdoor condenser unit clean, and removing dust from indoor vents, you are helping your heating and cooling system perform more efficiently and eliminating possible reasons for damage.
  • Schedule annual maintenance checkups- the best way to protect your heating and cooling system, and to increase its lifespan, is to have an HVAC specialist make yearly visits. This will allow us to catch problems early on, saving your form costly repairs or replacements.

Stay ahead of the game as a homeowner of a new home by following these checklist items throughout the year, ensuring a happy, healthy life span of your home heating and cooling appliances.

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