Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Your furnace serves as the central unit of heat for your home. During the hot summer months this may be the last thing you think about; however, without proper maintenance it may not be in prime condition come the colder seasons when you need it most. Learn how you can take proper care of your furnace throughout the year, saving homeowners money on costly repairs and replacements, and keeping you warm when you need it. Read our furnace maintenance checklist to find out how.

Learn how you can work alongside Applegate Home Comfort to properly care for your furnace system. Our heating and cooling professionals give homeowners the tools they need to take care heating systems, ensuring long appliance lifespans. Checkout our checklist on what you should know about your home’s furnace, what to do if you identify a problem, and know when to call a heating specialist from Applegate Home Comfort.

What To Know

Your furnace is the silent hero, keeping your home heated throughout winter. While homeowners pay close attention to their furnace, and its efficiency, during the winter little attention is given when it is not being used.

It is common for damage to occur to your furnace even while it is not in use, making it extremely important to maintain it throughout the year so you and your home have heat when needed. Check out these warning signs your furnace may be giving you to indicate maintenance is needed.

  • Age- most heating and cooling appliances will last between 12-17 if properly taken care of. If your furnace is reaching its age limit for efficiency, then you may want to consider a replacement.
  • Air temperature- if you notice it takes more energy, or longer, for your furnace to provide hot air to your home it may not be working at its full capacity. Additionally, if you ever feel the air is cold then this is a sign that there damage to the system.
  • Unusual noises-while we all get wary of every little noise we hear when home alone, we may actually hear a faulty furnace. If you here unusual noises coming from your furnace then this may indicate a repair or maintenance check needed. Don’t ignore any hesitations you have.
  • Utilities bill- if you notice that your utilities, or heating bill, is higher than normal this may indicate that your furnace is using more energy, and working less efficiently.
  • Pilot light- every furnace is equipped with a furnace light to indicate that there is a repair, or adjustment needed. Usually yellow, this light means you should call a professional to ensure the safety of your furnace and your home.
  • Dirt and debris-if your furnace, and its accompanying vents, are blocked by dirt, dust or debris this is not only a fire hazard but also slows down the heating process of your home.

By paying attention to these common signs for maintenance and repair, you can save yourself time and money in the future as a homeowner.

What To Do

Once you have identified that there is a need for maintenance there are some easy, at-home ways to try and resolve furnace problems.

  • Check for cracks- if you spot a crack in the heat exchanger this may indicate a more serious issue and require a repair.
  • Remove and clean burners- if a burner is dirty it can lead to poor heating, and pose a fire threat.
  • Check the pilot-if the pilot light is weak, or distinguish then it will require a professional maintenance visit to come and adjust the settings.

Identifying the issue is one of the main responsibilities of a homeowner. Many of the physical repairs calls for a heating specialist as the repair could be dangerous, and if fixed incorrectly could lead to more serious issues for both the furnace and the home.

By having an annual maintenance check for your furnace you can prevent many of these issues from arising. When you work with Applegate Home Comfort, you are investing in a team that works to give their clientele knowledge about how to not only perform minor repairs, but also on how to save money long term for their home.

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