How To Choose an HVAC Company

How To Choose an HVAC Company

If you are experiencing some issues with your HVAC unit, chances are you have started doing some research to find local HVAC companies to handle the job. However, you want to be sure you choose the best company to handle your concerns. It is important to learn how to recognize if the contractor you are speaking with is trustworthy and capable of handling your HVAC needs.

Applegate Home Comfort provides top quality HVAC services throughout the state of Michigan. We are focused on giving homeowners the HVAC services they need to keep their home comfortable all year long. If you are looking for a company you can trust to handle your HVAC needs, here is a look at how to make the decision.

HVAC Bids and Estimates

One of the most important aspects to consider when speaking with HVAC contractors is the bidding or estimating. You should be wary of receiving a bid or estimate over the phone. It is not possible for a contractor to give you an estimate or bid without inspecting your home’s unit. Every unit and home has its differences so it is crucial for the contractor to give you an estimate after an inspection.

Also, be sure to get your bid or estimate in writing. Never accept a verbal contract because it is impossible to prove in court. You should always opt for a company who is willing to draw up the contract in writing. You can trust that they will stay true the expectations of the work you are requesting from them.

Finally, don’t go with a contractor just because they have given you the lowest bid. Going with the lowest bid may lead to more costly problems in the future. A bargain contractor may lead to some botched installations or repairs. Many homeowners end up calling a different company to fix any issues that arose due to the previous work.

Read Their Reviews

Another surefire way to determine how good a contractor is through reviews. When people are unsatisfied with a product or services, they are sure to leave a review that details exactly why. While these may be biased toward the negative, you are sure to find some great insight into the contractor.

Take a look at the positive and negative reviews and decide if you can trust this contractor. Many contractors really do offer great services and do excellent work and you are sure to see that in their reviews. Word of mouth is also important. If you are recommended a contractor from somebody you know, listen to their suggestion and ask questions about their experience with the contractor.

Contact a Trusted HVAC Company Today!

If you are living in the Lansing area and are in need of HVAC services, give Applegate Home Comfort a call. Our goal is to give you complete comfort through your HVAC system. When you call us, we’ll send a professional over to help you out. If you would like a quote for an HVAC inspection, please contact us here or give us a call at 517-337-7700!