Central Heating In Your Home

Central Heating In Your Home

Have you ever turned on the heat in the winter and suddenly the air feels drier? This is a fairly common phenomenon, as during the winter months, the humidity tends to drop to 10 to 20 percent. Central heating lowers the relative humidity in your home, making it feel drier. If the air in your home gets too dry, you might experience dry irritated skin, cracked lips, and you might experience static electricity when you touch appliances and surfaces. In addition to a furnace system, Applegate Home Comfort can also recommend a good humidifier solution to get you through the winter months. Call us at (517) 337-7700 for a free consultation today.

Humidifiers Can Ease Problems Caused By Dry Air

Ask about Applegate’s Aprilaire® line of humidifiers. These can help correct dry air in your home while the furnace is running during the winter months. Always monitor your humidity levels and keep your humidifier clean. This will help you get the most out of your humidifier. These systems are installed within your existing heating and cooling system and provide comfort throughout your home.

During a Humidifier Installation, Also Check Your Insulation

One of the reasons that you lose humidity is your home is that cold air may be getting into your home because of a lack of insulation. Cold air, during the winter months, tends to be very dry. This contributes to loss of humidity. One good way to check your insulation is to remove a wall electrical outlet. If you are experiencing dry air problems in your home, you might also want to consider installing some installation as well as a humidifier.

Is It Time for a New Heating System?

If you are experiencing dry air in your home, it also might be a good time to consider a replacement heating system, as well. Humidity problems can also indicate a larger problem of heat loss in your home. Applegate has several different lines of Daikin heating systems for your home. Also, our heating systems can be set up with one of our Home Comfort plans. Ask your installer about this.

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