Does Central Heating in a Home Make the Air Dry?

Does Central Heating in a Home Make the Air Dry?

If you live in the Michigan area, you understand that you understand that heating is an important feature of your home. However, many homeowners may notice or have a sensation that the air in their home begins to dry when the heat is on. Is your heating the cause of the dry air in your home?

Applegate Home Comfort offers professional HVAC services throughout Michigan and provides top quality heating solutions to homes in the area. Our goal is to keep our customers informed on their heating and make sure they have energy efficient solutions to lower their bill. Here is a look at the effect central heating has on your air.

How Humidity Changes When The Heat is On

If you have an atmospheric combustion furnace inside of your home, chances are you can experience changes in the humidity. Often, you’ll notice the air becomes drier when the heat is on. Sometimes you don’t notice the difference, however. The reason is because of the air inside and outside of your home.

If your furnace is only heating the air inside of your home and not drawing air from the outside, the humidity should stay the same. However, units such as an atmospheric combustion furnace often pull air from the outside into your home. If the air is drier outside, you will feel the difference in your home.

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