Air Conditioning Summer Service

Air Conditioning Summer Service

If you have ever spent a summer in Michigan, you understand just how hot and humid it can get. As Michiganders can attest, a functioning AC unit is vital for a comfortable home. What does it take to keep your AC unit at its peak running performance all summer?

Our Grand Ledge Applegate Home Comfort experts have put together a checklist of the 5 top tips for a healthy AC unit.

5 Tips For a Healthy AC Unit

While you may not put much thought into the mechanics behind the cool air in your home, there are some easy things you can do to keep that cool air flowing. We’ve put together this checklist to help Michigan homeowners with some vital AC maintenance.

  • Routine Tune-up: One of the most important things you can do for your AC unit is to schedule a tune-up. This will catch things like leaking refrigerant, faulty wiring or other issues that can keep your unit from running efficiently.
  • Replace Filters: Air filters keep dirt, dust and allergens from entering your home. In the filtering process, they get clogged and prevent proper airflow. This makes your system run harder than necessary to cool your home.
  • Inspect Pipe Insulation: Check your pipes for worn out or torn insulation. This will also cause your unit to work harder than needed to cool the air. If you see this call us at 517-337-7700.
  • Keep Coils Clean: Dirt can accumulate on your AC coils, which makes the coils unable to absorb heat. This will raise your energy bill and make cooling the air harder.
  • Check Wiring: Inspect your wiring for any signs of overheating. If you see anything suspicious, call us at 517-337-7700.

Regular maintenance will keep your energy bills low and can prevent costly repair bills later. At Applegate, we are committed to our customers and their comfort. As such, we have technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

Schedule Your Tune-up Today!

If you have ever had your AC unit break down in the middle of the hot Michigan summer, you understand the need for regular maintenance. This can prevent a lot of the more expensive repairs that result from system failure. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, we want you to be satisfied with your service at Applegate Home Comfort. Call our Grand Ledge office at 517-337-7700 for your tune-up today!