Importance of an Annual Furnace Inspection

As we progress through winter and run our furnaces to keep our Michigan homes warm, ensuring your furnace is functioning properly is essential. Between abundant snowfall and frigid temperatures, the stress put on your home’s furnace throughout the winter (and winters past) can ultimately lead to a variety of issues. No matter the issue, however, any problem with your furnace can increase heating costs, affect the comfort of your home, and even lead to further complications with your furnace. In order to prevent such issues from arising, and to keep your furnace running at optimal performance, an annual furnace inspection is highly recommended.

Why Get an Annual Furnace Inspection

Simply put, an annual furnace inspection will help you avoid the aforementioned issues from arising. Yet, having your furnace inspected and maintained each year doesn’t only help prevent problems, it can also keep the comfort of your Michigan home optimal. Take a look below to learn how else an annual furnace inspection can benefit you and your Michigan home:

  • Prevents Malfunction: As mentioned, one of the main benefits of an annual furnace inspection is preventing issues during the winter. You won’t want to seek repair during winter when the temperatures are already freezing.
  • Improves Efficiency: A malfunctioning furnace may still be able to keep your home warm, but it’ll require more work from the furnace, which will ultimately increase energy bills. Not to mention, it can cause further issues.
  • Promotes Cleaner Air: In an annual furnace inspection, the unit itself is not the only concern. Air filters will also need to be examined to ensure they’re clean. Otherwise, dirty air filters can spread things like mold spores throughout the home and affect the health of anyone inside. Aside from the filters, an inspection also ensures the furnace isn’t emitting toxic carbon monoxide.
  • Enhances Home Comfort: Of course, a fully functioning furnace will keep the temperature in your home comfortable, which is necessary throughout Michigan’s freezing winters.
  • Prevents Future Issues: Any issue that arises with your furnace can lead to additional issues if not addressed fast enough. While you should be aware of the signs of a problematic furnace, an annual inspection will discover any issues.

When to Get an Inspection

Though we’re already progressing through winter this year, it’s best to have your furnace inspected before winter hits, such as the end of summer or during the fall. In doing so, you’ll have plenty of time to address any problems and ensure they’re taken care of before the cold weather comes. While an annual inspection is always necessary, you should also keep your air filters clean to avoid the health issues that can often arise with dirty filters.

Call for an Inspection Today

Even though we’ve hit the middle of winter, it’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected if you haven’t this year. As long as you’re using your furnace to keep warm, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency. This way, you can keep heating costs low and the temperature within your home optimal.

If you’d like to schedule an inspection, or require any of our other HVAC services, you can contact us here. You can also give us a call at 517-337-7700.


Keeping your home comfortable, clean and safe is our main goal at Applegate Home Comfort. Most of our customers come to us looking for our quality cooling and heating services, but today we want to also highlight the products we offer to help maintain your home between services. Whether health and safety are your top priorities or comfort and efficiency are more your thing, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of products.

Read on below to learn more about the products we offer to our Michigan area customers, or, if you already know which product you’d like to purchase, click here now to head to our page!

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Protected, Safe and Comfortable

1. Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers

If you’ve lived in the Midwest for long, you’ll know just how intense the summer humidity can be. Furthermore, ongoing humidity causes damage to your home and furniture, leading to issues like mold, mildew and a compromised home structure. Mold, as most of us know, is also a safety issue when it comes to the health of those living inside your home. In fact, symptoms of mold exposure include headaches, sinusitis, joint pain, chronic cough, fatigue and memory or concentration issues. Safe to say, mold is a big deal! Purchasing a dehumidifier significantly lowers the risk of mold.

Similar to humidity, dry air can have lasting and harmful effects on your home and health. During colder, winter months, the dry air from your furnace can wreak havoc on your skin, airways, furniture, and home. To combat issues like these, we recommend purchasing a humidifier to create an optimal home environment.

2. Clean Air Solutions

Most people think of smog and air pollution as existing outside of their homes and are shocked to find out that the air quality inside their homes actually tends to be worse. A mix of outside pollutants, pet dander, chemicals from cleaners and fragrances, possible radon or mold, dust mites and volatile gasses from furniture (such as fire-retardants) all lead to pretty polluted air.

In order to combat these allergens and irritants, Applegate offers two different types of air purifiers to keep air quality inside your home optimal and healthy. Our Central Air Cleaners are hooked into your cooling and heating and essentially filter harmful substances and dust out of your air. Similarly, we also offer UV Air Purifiers, which connect to your cooling system to eradicate mold spores which tend to grow in that moist environment. Both options are wonderful additions to any Michigan home.

3. Home Standby Generators 

During harsh Michigan winters, severe storms and outages are a definite possibility. While it’s not fun to think about the likelihood of such an event, we believe that the saying, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” absolutely applies here! Not only are the generators we offer made by one the leading suppliers backup power, but they also have the ability to power your home for multiple days in the event of an emergency giving you peace of mind should you ever need it.

Unbeatable Services and Quality Home Products by Applegate

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