Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Months

Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Months

As summer heats up, it is time to cool down your home. While air conditioning is the best way to cool things down fast, there are lots of cost efficient ways to stay cool in the summer months.

At Applegate Home Comfort we are dedicated to keeping you cool, while keeping your finances cooler. Learn sustainable uses of your air conditioning this summer to feel your best. Use these summer ventilation strategies to make the most out of the hot summer days.

Sustainable Choices

When it comes to keeping your house cool, choosing sustainable options are good for both your pocketbook and the environment. To use less energy while staying cool, one option is the lower the temperature on your water heater.

Your water heater can consume up to 18% of your overall energy use in your household, so by turning down the heat in the summer you are not only conserving energy but also giving yourself room to use your air conditioning unit without going over your normal energy usage.

Another sustainable choice is to invest in programmable thermostats. These thermostats can pair with your smartphone to serve as a timer, only cooling your house in the hours that you and home and looking to stay cool.

Additionally, leaving your windows open at night, and shutting them in the morning brings cool night air in, trapping the heat out during the day. Don’t make your air conditioning work harder this summer, save energy and money by working with what you have.

Don’t Forget Fans

Fans are another excellent supplemental way to keep cool this summer. While they do not replace the need for an air conditioning system in the summer, they do help in keeping the cool air circulating without running your unit all day long.

Fans are most useful in the middle to later part of the day. If you have left your windows open at night, and shut them along with the blinds in the morning your home should stay cool until midday. At this point running your air conditioning may be needed to remain cool.

By placing your fans in the corner of rooms, you keep cool air from getting trapped, and force warm air out. While it may still feel good to have a fun directly blow on you, it will cool down your overall home by having them strategically placed to keep cool air moving.

Work With the Weather

As many of us know, weathermen are not always right about when they forecast what weather is to come. However, it is still important to take advantage of cool fronts and rainy days by leaving windows open or turning down the thermostat.

You can also be prepared for when warmer days and heat fronts are expected to come. Don’t leave windows open during nights that are expected to have a higher temperature, as this will increase the overall heat in your home.

Save water and energy by waiting to use sprinkler systems if rain is forecast to come, and use that same energy on cooling purposes. Be weather-wary, because staying up to date can allow you to be more proactive in using natural heating and cooling in your home.

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