Air Conditioning Tune Up

Air Conditioning Tune Up

There is nothing worse than going without air conditioning on a hot summer day. As summer approaches, it is important to have an effective cooling unit that won’t run up your energy bills. Getting an air conditioning tune up will keep your unit running smooth throughout the summer.

Applegate Home Comfort has been providing HVAC services in Lansing for over 35 years. We offer residents expertise and high quality services to keep their homes efficiently heated or cooled all year long. We understand the importance of having energy efficient solutions, and we off the very best. Now, allow our expert staff to inform you on air conditioning maintenance.

AC Maintenance Schedule

We understand that it can be inconvenient to think about a tune up for your AC unit every year, but these types of inspections and small fixes can save you from more costly repair services. While an AC unit may work great for many years, it is easier to keep it healthy if you get a yearly tune up.

It is typically best to get your AC unit checked up in the spring, as an air conditioner that has been dormant for many months will be collecting dust. Considering this, there is a certain amount of cleaning an AC unit needs after a long break. Overall, it is important to keep your AC unit in tip top condition so you can avoid any expensive repairs or replacements.

The Benefits of AC Tune Ups

There are many benefits for taking proper care of your AC Unit. The goal is to keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively all year long. Keeping up with maintenance will save you money in energy costs and repairs, while providing optimal comfort. Here are some of the benefits of having a yearly tune up:

Less Breakdowns

This is definitely something you want to avoid. Nobody likes being stuck without air conditioning in the summer. In order to avoid mid-summer breakdowns, a tune up will keep your unit prepared for the long, hot days. We will be able to address any issues before they become a problem and your home will be adequately cooled.

More Efficiency

The summer time is bound to build your energy bill. A tune up will make sure that your air conditioning is working as efficiently as possible. It is important to have a unit that saves on energy and lowers the cost of cooling during the hottest months.

Longer Life Span

Overall, a yearly tune up will keep your AC unit running for a much longer period. Homeowners won’t have to worry so much about replacing an AC unit because their unit will work great for a long time. This also saves you on the money for replacements and installments of new units.

Get a Tune Up From Applegate Home Comfort

We specialize in comfort. If you are in need of a tune up to improve your home’s air conditioning, we offer the expertise and solutions homeowners need. Our services are available to Lansing homeowners and we’ll provide homes with comfort. To get started, you can contact us here or give us a call at 517.337.7700!