Smart AC Thermostat

Smart AC Thermostat

As the temperatures rise this summer, some things like your cooling bill shouldn’t also have to rise. Many homeowners do not have the choice but to leave their air conditioning running if they hope to come home to a cool house; however, with smart AC thermostats you can turn on and off air conditioning either remotely, or on a timer. This saves the environment, your pocket book, and your air conditioning unit.

At Applegate Home Comfort, we want your cooling system to do more for less. While our cooling systems will quickly, and efficiently, cool your home, it can be a strain on your pocketbook if it is running throughout the whole day. By investing in smart AC thermostats, you can save energy, money, and time—all while staying cool this summer.

Save Energy

For many homeowners, the process by which an air conditioning unit works is a mystery, with only the utilities bill indicating how often it is used. While it is not necessary to know about every part that makes up your air conditioning unit, it is necessary to know when to run it for sustainability purposes and save energy.

It is a common practice for homeowners to keep their air conditioning unit on 24/7 during the summer, fearing that once it is turned off the home will heat up and be more expensive to cool down than maintain.

From an energy standpoint this can be wasteful, and not efficient in cooling your home. Evenings, and at night, are good times to switch your AC to off, and open windows. This can be even more effective if you have a two story house or apartment, opening a window on each level will circulate the warm are out and push the cool air up.

In the evening the AC is usually just maintaining a set temperature, and not actually cooling the house down. This can be done through windows and natural circulation just as easily, or even with the help of a fan.

Don’t put unneeded coolant chemicals into your home and into the air, learn best times to turn your air conditioner off completely. This also helps increase its overall lifespan of your unit.

When you use a smart AC thermostat, you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off, or even remember to turn it down at all. Smart AC thermostats work on timers as well as being automated from your phone—allowing you to control the energy being used in your home no matter where you are.

These smart AC thermostats will even tell you the outdoor temperatures, helping you determine good times to turn off your system all together and let natural air flow in.

Save Money

Not only can a smart AC thermostat help homeowners save energy, but it allows you to save money as well. Your energy use directly impacts how much you pay per month for utilities, making it important to be able to control the flow.

When you use a smart AC thermostat you can track your usage, control usage when you are away from home, and turn off your system altogether. Many of these smart AC thermostats have a smartphone application component that makes it user friendly and remotely operated.

These apps are free to download, and can save money at the click of the button. Don’t waste money on a cool home you aren’t even in while at work, school, or running errands. On your drive home, start the AC from your app before getting in the car and arrive to a comfortable temperature without putting the heat on your pocketbook.

Save Time

Finally, using a Smart AC thermostat can help you save time. As already mentioned, using an app or remote device allows homeowners to take control of their air conditioning regardless of where they are.

Many homeowners report wanting to be more efficient with their energy and money, yet do not have the time to do so. Using a smart AC thermostat takes away the hard work and gives time back into homeowners. While the cost of a smart AC thermostat may be a deterrent for some, the savings from time, energy, and costs far outweigh the initial price of the thermostat.

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