Should You Cool With Fans?

Should You Cool With Fans?

Summer cooling calls for some creativity. Instead of spending time and money on techniques that don’t work, consider if you should cool your home with fans. While fans are not a substitute for air conditioning system, your home may benefit from a little extra circulation of cool air.

At Applegate Home Comfort, our mission is to provide you with efficient HVAC systems to keep your home cool, as well as supplemental ways to beat the heat. Fans allow for increased circulation, cuts costs and utilize natural air. Check out these tips to incorporate fans into your home cooling system.

Increases Circulation

One of the major benefits of fans is their ability to circulate into hard to reach places. Vents are placed in houses to give maximum cooling effects, but they aren’t perfect and often times can leave a whole room feeling warm.

While you may be tempted just to turn your cooling up to reach those warm places, it is more cost efficient to simply put a fan in those areas, or directed at those areas, to push cool air in.

Other fan options include oversized ceiling fans. These large fans can push high volumes of air through a room, keeping it cool even without the use of air conditioning. Often times these fans work well for large living rooms and other high ceiling rooms.

One aspect of better circulation is making sure there are not points in the home where cool air is escaping, or warm air leaking in. Finding air leaks can be done by homeowners, but often times is more accurate through professionals at Applegate Home Comfort.

Leaks often occur near venting, doors, windows, and other areas where natural openings occur for utility purposes. Having these areas properly sealed can help keep cool air in, and moving around your house.  

Helps Cut Costs

Fans can capitalize on your home cooling system by allowing you to run your air conditioner at a lower level, using fans to push the cool air through the house.

On average a residential central air conditioning system uses approximately 1,300 kilowatt-hours, costing homeowners anywhere between $100-$170 to run per month. With fans, this cost can almost be cut in half, saving money and protecting your AC unit.

When you run your AC at high volumes, all summer long, it wears down the system fast, overall leading to more costly repairs and replacements down the road.  

Utilizes Natural Air

Another benefit of fans is their ability to circulate already cool, natural air. While natural air, fans, and air conditioners do not all work well together, you can give the AC a break when the weather is cool and let in natural air.

A common strategy is to open a window in a lower level of your home and apartment, and a second one on the upper level and use fans to push the cool air up into the home, and the warm air back out the window.

Natural air can get in the way at times of your cooling strategies. If your home has a basement or crawlspace, hot humid air is often time trapped, leading to higher cooling bills to keep your whole home cool.  

Investing in dehumidifiers or other fans for those areas will not only help your thermostat have a more accurate reading of your home, but also keep dangers factors such as mold from forming in your home.

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