Guide to Central Air Conditioning Installation

Guide to Central Air Conditioning Installation

From finding the right air conditioning unit for your home to maintaining it properly, there’s plenty to consider in seeking central air conditioning installation for your Michigan home. Most importantly, you need to pay mind to a variety of factors in seeking a new central air conditioning unit. From there, you also have to consider prospective contractors, energy efficiency, and costs. Of course, you should also be looking ahead. Once you find the right AC unit and contractor for installation, you’ll want to maintain your unit so it operates at peak efficiency and lasts for years to come.

Seeing how much there is to consider when shopping for a new AC unit and having it installed in your home, Applegate Home Comfort seeks to help our fellow Michigan residents—and anyone who may be looking for a central AC unit. While our experts can take care of the entire process, we’ll provide some helpful information for those who live outside of our service area. Let’s take a look.

Central Air Conditioning Installation: Considerations

As you begin your search for a new central air conditioning unit and installation for such, keep the following factors in mind.

Unit Size

The size of the central AC unit you choose is the most important factor in the entire process. The unit’s size should not exceed or fall short of the requirements for your home’s size. While the contractor you choose should determine what’s needed (to be covered below), you can also check some tools online to find an approximation of the size needed. However, more factors come into play than the home size, so be sure to do your research and find a contractor who can help—like Applegate.

Selecting a Contractor

Next to determining the correct size of your AC unit, choosing an HVAC contractor is another important task in the process. Plus, a professional contractor can determine the proper size for you. Anyway, you’ll need to ensure the contractor you’re considering is licensed, has good reviews and referrals, and offers it all in your budget.


Another important aspect to consider in central air conditioning units is their operating efficiency. Given the hot and humid summers in Michigan, our AC units are needed quite frequently, and an energy-efficient AC unit is ideal. In your search, ask your contractor what your options for such are.

Maintaining Your Unit

Though it’s not specific to installation, proper care for your air conditioning unit is a must. General maintenance is needed to keep the unit running at peak efficiency and reduce energy bills, not to mention prevent any costly issues from arising. To get the most out of your AC unit, practice the following:

  • Schedule annual inspections with your HVAC contractor.
  • When issues arise, have them repaired immediately.
  • Replace air filters every few months.
  • Naturally ventilate your home when you can.
  • Keep the unit covered during winter months.

Seeking Installation? Call Applegate Home Comfort

Seeking a new central air conditioning unit and having it installed involves a fair amount of planning and research. However, when you work with Applegate Home Comfort in Michigan, we take care of all the hard work. If you’re seeking AC unit installation, allow us to do the job right. You can give us a call at 517-337-7700 to get started today.