How do I Maintain my Air Conditioner Throughout the Year?

How do I get my Air Conditioner Ready for Spring?

When the winter starts to end and the spring air starts warming your neighborhood, you’ll want to make sure that your Air Conditioner is ready to handle the warm weather. Summer is an important time to have an AC unit that works and is efficient. With the right solutions, you’ll make sure that you get the best cooling while lowering your energy bill.

Applegate Home Comfort provides the best quality HVAC services that will keep your home comfortable no matter the time of year. When you give us a call, we’ll send over a professional who will inspect your Air Conditioner and make sure it is ready for that hot weather. Learn about the different services we provide to optimize your Air Conditioner this Spring.

Schedule Maintenance

The spring is a great time to prepare your AC unit and get it ready for the summer. Many homeowners miss out on valuable maintenance services that will keep their unit working efficiently and effectively. Most people spend their summer running their AC unit. The unit then spends the winter sitting and collecting dust. Meanwhile, it can experience many different issues.

When you schedule a maintenance service for your unit, you can rest assured that any problems with your unit will be addressed before they become serious. With our services, we’ll make sure that your unit is effectively cooling your home. We will also make sure it isn’t using too much energy to cool your home. This will lower your energy bill and keep your place comfortable throughout the summer.

Things You Can Do for Your AC Unit

While maintenance is something a pro can handle for you, there are a couple things you can do to keep your AC running well after their visit. For one, start by clearing the debris from your outside unit. It is outside, it will collect a lot of dirt and other debris. You want to make sure the airflow is unobstructed.

Another good thing to get in the habit of is changing the filter. A clogged filter will slow the airflow through the blower unit. This part handles a lot of the cooling of your air. If you want to make sure your ac is cooling your air effectively, get some clean filters in your unit. If your AC unit is working effectively, it’ll save you money on your energy bill.

Get Your AC Unit Ready With Applegate

If you want to get the most out of your Air Conditioner, don’t hesitate to call Applegate Home Comfort. Our experts make it their goal to make sure your home is getting the best quality out of their AC units. Your home will be comfortable the entire summer. If you want some extra help, don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at 517.337.7700 to speak with a professional!