Home Ventilation for Summer Cooling

Home Ventilation for Summer Cooling

With summer upon us, your air conditioning unit is working overtime to keep you and your family cool at home. Running your AC unit can be costly, and there might be areas of the home it doesn’t reach effectively. By using at home ventilation strategies you can save money, and feel cool doing it.

At Applegate Home Comfort, our mission is to give quality service all year round, with regular maintenance visits to make sure you stay cool when you need it most. We help our clients do more for their home cooling systems by utilizing ventilation strategies to keep cost, and temperature, down.

Work With Windows

A common misconception is that windows work against air conditioning. While you do not want to have your AC on high, with windows wide open to let all the cool air out, there are strategies to capitalize on windows.

Alternating between windows and running your unit can make for a more balanced, and cost efficient way to ventilate your home this summer. Opening a window in a room that doesn’t receive as much unit ventilation is one way to keep air flowing.

One strategy for windows is the “stack effect”. If your home has two or more levels one method to circulate air is to have one window in your lower level open, with another one on the level above also opened in a similar location.

The idea is that cool air enters in the lower level and pushed the warmer air back outside on the upper level. While this does not substitute for air conditioning it helps your unit run more efficiently and is a good substitute for air conditioning on a cool evening.

Hold Out On Heat

Just as important as ventilation is keeping heat out of your home. Heat build up not only makes your air conditioning unit work harder, but also can wear appliances down.

One way to avoid heat build up inside the house is to limit uses of appliances such as the stove or cooking hot meals on warm days. If you do need to use heated appliances always used proper kitchen ventilation to circle the heated air out more quickly.

Keeping windows shut is not the only way heat gets in, sunlight beating down on dark colored materials also traps heat and releases it into your home. Invest in heat resistant shades to close over your windows to keep heat from entering your home.

Other ways heat is introduced into your home is through excessive uses of the shower, dishwasher and other appliances such as washer and dryers. As most of these are unavoidable to some point, be sure to run exhaust fans in the restroom and have proper outdoor ventilation for your washer and dryer.

Go With The Flow

Ultimately the best way to ventilate your home is to go with the flow, the air flow. There will be natural areas that your home gets more cooling and pushing that cool air through the rest of the house can increase natural movement.

Fans are another supplemental way to cut your cooling bill and still feel cool in the summer months. When it’s really hot out, a fan directly on you may feel the most heat relieving, this, however, does not help your whole house beat the heat. Having strategically placed fans creates an authentic airflow for cool air and helps you and your home feel your best.

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