Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor

Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor

Your home’s air conditioning unit plays a major role in keep you comfortable—which is quite necessary throughout Michigan’s humid summers. Considering this, every homeowner seeks a professional and trustworthy HVAC contractor to ensure their AC unit is operating at peak efficiency. Despite their best efforts, however, it’s easy to come across a contractor who really just takes your money for a less-than-professional job.

Whether you’re in need of repairs or a new AC unit, choosing the right air conditioning contractor is no easy task. Of course, the experts at Applegate Home Comfort can always provide a professional and helpful hand. To also help our readers outside of Michigan, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose the best air conditioning contractor for your needs. Below you’ll find plenty of information to help you choose wisely.

10 Tips for Choosing Air Conditioning Contractors

In considering multiple air conditioning contractors, there’s quite a bit to keep in mind. In short, the contractor you choose will have a major impact on expenses and, of course, your comfort. To ensure you choose the right AC contractor, take a look at the tips below:

Be Cautious of Over-the-Phone Estimates

Considering the many factors in selecting an air conditioning unit fit for your home, the prospective contractor shouldn’t offer an estimate over the phone. They need to come inspect your home to truly provide an estimate.

Don’t Always for the Lowest Estimate

As you might imagine, a contractor providing an estimate much lower than that of others may be a sign of something. While getting the lowest cost is often ideal, doing so with your home’s appliances won’t be your best bet. Take a close look at the lowest estimate and question why it’s so much lower.

Consider Their Experience

No two air conditioning contractors are the same, and their experience often speaks for itself. In sifting through prospective contractors, pay mind to how many years they’ve worked in the field. For instance, here at Applegate, we’ve been providing heating and cooling services to Michigan since 1952.

Check Reviews

Listed experience shouldn’t be the only factor you consider in this regard. To ensure they have the experience they claim, search the company or contractor online and look at their reviews. This can provide first-hand insight as to the quality of their work.

Ask for Referrals

Similar to checking online reviews, you can also ask the prospective contractors for referrals, of which you can call and ask about their experience. As with reviews, you’ll get great insight from past clients.

Keep it Documented

Whether it’s the estimate, work schedule, or type of appliance, you should write everything down in working with a contractor. Written proposals can help ensure the job is carried out as agreed upon.

Check the Contractor’s License

Not all states require HVAC licensing, but most quality contractors will be certified or licensed, and you’ll want to ensure that. You’d actually be surprised how many contractors are falsely claim to be licensed, so be sure to look for such on their website.

Be Wary of Identical Replacements

Much like a contractor who provides estimates over the phone, you should be wary of any who state they’ll be replacing your air conditioning unit with the same model. AC units should be specific to your home, and seeing as how long they can last, you won’t want a 10-year-old unit. Regardless, you’re updating your unit for a reason, so why go for a model you’ve already had.

Consider the Brands Offered

The brands a contractor offers can say a lot about themselves. You want to ensure your contractor utilizes renown brands and appliances built to last.

Ask About Sizing

The size of the unit you purchase depends on a range of factors, and your contractor should consider each of these to ensure the AC unit suits your specific home. Be sure the contractor provides a load calculation for the unit, which involves coming to your home and evaluating various factors.

Seeking Air Conditioning Contractors? Choose Applegate!

Again, the contractor you choose to replace or install your home’s air conditioning unit should meet a range of expectations and should be able to perform anything mentioned above. If you’re seeking air conditioning repair or installation in Michigan, consider the professional and experience contractors at Applegate Home Comfort. To learn more, give us a call at 517-337-7700.