Compressor For Air Conditioner Unit

Compressor For Air Conditioner Unit

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer is on every homeowner’s mind, but how this happens might not be. Air conditioning may be a mystery to most; however, understanding the parts to your unit can be very helpful in saving money and keeping cool. We will take a closer look at compressors for air conditioning units, and how these impact your energy savings.

When you work with the heating and cooling professional at Applegate Home Comfort, you can expect to not only receive advice on installation, repairs and maintenance, but our professional also equip homeowners with the knowledge and tools to make their air conditioning units do more for less. Learn what a compressor is, how to maintain yours and when to seek professional help with Applegate Home Comfort.

What Is A Compressor

Not all homeowners see the importance of understanding some of the systems that enable their home to be a comfortable place to live. However, at Applegate Home Comfort we feel that understanding these systems not only is helpful when it comes to repairs and maintenance, but also enables homeowners to make the best financial decisions.

With that, one of the most essential parts of an air conditioning unit is the compressor. Compressors are found in split air conditioning systems, which is the standard cooling system for most homes. The compressor, and its maintenance, is important to understand based on its role in the cooling process.

The compressor is located in the condenser, or outdoor unit, of the split air conditioning system. Its role is vital in that it is responsible for the circulation of the refrigerant that allows for the exchange of heat in the coils of both the indoor and outdoor unit.

A better way to understand the compressors role is to think of it as a price point. Your heating and cooling bill is reflective of how often you are running this compressor to either heat or cool your home. This whole process is powered by a typical motor, which allows the compressor to compress the refrigerant, and pressurize it for use.

From this point, there is more of a process for how this gas is turned to a liquid in the condenser, but the basis of this information is to allow homeowners to understand the basics behind the systems that power their homes.

Knowing these basics can help homeowners make the right financial decisions for not only running their air conditioning systems but also when considering which units are right for their homes.

How to Maintain a Compressor

Maintaining your air conditioner’s compressor will save money both on energy used, as well as increase your unit’s lifespan and prevent costly replacements early on. There are multiple ways homeowners can repair and clean their air conditioning units without ever having to pay for a service.

During the hot summer months, compressors can see a lot of wear and tear keeping your home cool. Keeping your unit in good condition all year round will ensure you have cool air when you need it.

Keeping your outdoor unit in an area of shade is one way to let your compressor work smarter, not harder in the hot summer heat. Keeping the area near the condenser clear, free of dirt and debris, is another way to ensure a long lifespan for your unit.

The compressor can be hard to get to for repairs or upkeep, making this more of a job for a technician; however, by keeping the coils in which the refrigerant is pushed through clean, this will help the overall system to work better.

Maintenance is even important in the winter when air conditioning may not be in use, but the cold can still put pressure on and cause damage to your outdoor unit, making maintenance needed all year round.

When to Seek Professional Help

Even with maintenance, your compressor and air conditioning unit can still break down, and at that point, repairs are usually best left to the professionals. If your unit is not producing cool air, takes significantly longer to cool down your house, cycling on and off or making uncommon noises, it’s time to call Applegate Home Comfort.

The cost of repair is always less the cost of replacement, which can happen if your unit is left uncared for or if home repair goes wrong. Beat the heat of both the summer and your pocketbook by getting your unit repaired today.

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