Benefits Of Air Conditioner Evaporators

Benefits Of Air Conditioner Evaporators

As the temperature rises this summer, so does the importance of keeping your home cool. With costs of running a cooling system also rising, it is important, and sustainable, to have a system that delivers cooling when needed, without having to run all day to be a comfortable temperature. This is just one of the many benefits you can experience from using air conditioner evaporators.

When you work with Applegate Home Comfort, our heating and cooling professionals help homeowners equip their home with sustainable, and efficient evaporator units that will keep pocketbooks, and homes cool. Learn the cooling benefits, cost benefits, and repair benefits when homeowners incorporate evaporator cooling into their homes system.

Cooling Benefits

Evaporative cooling is a cooling process that pulls in air from the environment, into the air conditioning unit, cooling and pushing this air back into your home. The two main air conditioning systems that use evaporation include:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

Central air conditioning is a two part system, with the evaporator working alongside a second component of the condenser. The evaporator works opposite the condenser by pressurizing the refrigerant.  

The evaporator pressurizes the refrigerant liquid and converts it to gas, absorbing heat from the air in the compartment. When working in part with the condenser, this system delivers cool air to the entire home through venting, and can manufacture air to the temperature desired regardless of the air outside.

An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is similar in its cooling process, however, it does not include chemical coolants, making it so air can only be cooled to a certain amount. This cooling system works well in very dry, arid places but oftentimes can leave a house feeling warm and humid in other areas of the country with more precipitation.

Central cooling allows your home to be independent of the temperature outside, meeting your family’s needs. However, if you are not in need more serious cooling, evaporation coolers will help you stay cool and save money. So regardless of your home’s cooling needs, air conditioner evaporators aid in this process by keeping warm air out, and keep your home filled with cool air.

Cost Benefits

Other benefits of air conditioner evaporators is the money they save by their high-powered cooling systems. Oftentimes, homeowners could need to leave their air conditioning systems running through the night or at work to have a comfortable temperature to return to. However, with evaporator and condenser combinations, it takes only a matter of minutes for the entire home to be a comfortable temperature.

The biggest cost of any air conditioning system is how often it is running, and if any leaks or damage is present. When Applegate Home Comfort installs an air conditioner for their clients, they follow through by scheduling regular maintenance.

Even in the winter when the air conditioner isn’t in full use, it is important to clean and repair any damage done to a unit to ensure that no coolant is leaking, and that your unit is not having to work harder than it should to deliver you cool, comfortable air.

Don’t let your unit work harder, make it work smarter with air conditioning evaporators that save you money and beat the heat.

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